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4 ways that going big on greens, grains and beans really impacts your overall wellbeing. Plant-power is taking center stage these days and rightly so! Here’s why:   Reduced inflammation Inflammation at its core is a good thing. It is the body’s way of calling the cavalry (aka white blood cells) to come to the rescue, repairing tissue, fighting viruses and bacteria. However, when we eat foods like sugar and refined grains, that provoke an adverse reaction, we are keeping our white blood cells on amber alert which over time causes pain, fatigue and is the pre-cursor to chronic disease. A plant-based diet, heavy in whole grains and loaded with anti-oxidant properties
Wellbeing encompasses a diverse workout routine, an emphasis on recovery, and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Live your best life with the Exhale prescription. Enjoy this downloadable, printable, and screenshot-worthy tracker to help  you stay on track with your wellbeing goals. Download the printable tracker. Download the Insta Stories size.  
Why Sleep is Important for Reaching Your Goals   You’re working hard towards your fitness goals. You have a vision in sight, and the motivation to get there. You’ve tuned up your diet, built time into your day for exercise, and you’ve made the switch from soda to water. Great! But did you build rest into your routine?   A rest day is the one day of the week when you deliberately don’t work out or push yourself hard. Both awake and asleep, rest is important to your fitness goals because it allows your muscles and cardiovascular system to recover and rebuild. Working hard every day to reach your goals
Meet the Recovery Class, by Exhale
Amidst today’s bustling societal climate, people are truly beginning to prioritize the quality of their wellbeing. This means that balance, in all aspects of life, is a necessity. When we work out, we put stress on our muscles. In order to fully replenish and get stronger with every workout, you need to recover accordingly.   Enter: Exhale Recovery   Our newest class, which launches nationally the week of September 16, is designed to revive, restore, and rebalance your body after a tough workout through elements of active stretch, myofascial release therapy, and mindful meditation. And trust us (because we got a sneak peek of the class) — it’s everything you didn’t know you
After the festive yet draining holiday months of constantly giving to others, it can be very easy to veer off our wellbeing track and lose touch with what is most important – yourself. That’s why, in honor of the season of love, we are putting a major focus on prioritizing yourself and upping your self-love! In order to have that consistent sense of self-love and wellbeing, you have to establish a healthy and loving relationship with your routine. From waking up to a refreshing skincare routine, to keeping track of your goals and thoughts in a journal, there are endless habits you can adapt that will make a big difference in
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As you walk into the Recovery class, intensions set and an open mind, you are immediately brought to a level of calm. The class begins with an inward reflection. You are instructed to take inventory of how your body feels. The outside noise is silenced, and little-by-little you awaken the energy from your head to your toes. Throughout the class, the focus shifts from mindful meditation, to active stretching, and restorative foam rolling. Throughout the progression of these healing elements of the class, your body and mind undergo a transformative recovery experience. Muscles are limber and relaxed, the mind is centered and calm, and from the inside out you feel completely