Microcurrent technology has been around for centuries, but it’s not until recently that it has made its way into the hands of lead estheticians as a way to not only reduce wrinkles and improve tone and texture, but to also educate facial muscles to lift saggy skin. Exhale’s Lift Facial utilizes this technology and is the perfect choice to achieve an immediate youthful glow before a big event or as a series to whip your skin into the best shape of its life!   In the last few years, more and more celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to Kim Kardashian have been seen using microcurrent machines or are known to get electric facial for their red carpet treatments. But did you know that microcurrent came from less glamorous beginnings? Microcurrent became an effective form of therapy for, “treating wounds, soft tissue and bone fracture because of its ability to heal the body at a rate of 250% to 350% faster than someone not using microcurrent therapy.” (Joanna Vargas, (celebrity aesthetician) 2011).     A Brief History of Microcurrent In the last 200 years since its first applications, microcurrent has formed deep roots in both the medical and aesthetics industries. Microcurrent can be found in sports therapy and chiropractic locations to help heal and improve the performance of Olympic athletes, it can be found in medical spas and plastic surgery offices, and (of course) in many spas to help enhance youthful and healthier skin, by re-educating facial muscles.   Exhale has turned to the top choice for modern microcurrent use in the esthetics and beauty industry.   If Microcurrent is an “electric facial” will it cause some discomfort? One of the biggest concerns people have about microcurrent is if it causes discomfort or pain. When it comes to a microcurrent facial treatment, the answer is no — there should not be any discomfort during this treatment! However, everyone has a different expectation and also different experiences when it comes to microcurrent facials. Overall, microcurrent experiences vary from your esthetician using Chinese microcurrent device, or a TENS machine being called a microcurrent treatment, or a well tested and scientifically designed true microcurrent device. But when it comes to the Lift Facial offered here at Exhale, the machines used are the True Microcurrent™, which is very gentle as it works on the cellular level and should not be painful or result in twitching muscles. Rest assured, Exhale has turned to the top choice for modern microcurrent use in the esthetics and beauty industry.   What is True Microcurrent™? True Microcurrent™ is a low level of electrical current that mimics the body’s natural current. This technology helps re-educate the facial muscles to shorten or to lengthen. With True Microcurrent™ you will be able to lift sagging skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lift droopy eyelids and improve the tone and texture of the skin!   Why was Myolift MD™ chosen to be the technology for the signature LIFT Facial at Exhale? Our FDA-cleared MyoLift™ MD is the top choice for modern True Microcurrent™ use in the esthetics and beauty industry for a few reasons. This is the only advanced technology that can work on different parts of the skin to:

• Scientifically circulate blood, warm up tissue, and agitate toxins

• Initiate Lymphatic drainage to get rid of the in-built toxins that clog up the tissues and nodes

• Work on different neurological pathways to target problem areas — whether it’s sagging skin or wrinkles around the jaw area.

It is also the only professional microcurrent technology that has specific waveforms that works on fine lines and brings Botox-like effects without freezing the muscles. Myolift MD leaves the skin energized and delivers a power dose of energy into the muscle tissues to bring a visible tightening and lifting effects, specially around eyebrows and cheeks in the first treatment itself. The most appreciated element of Myolift MD is that it is not a painful treatment. It feels both relaxing and like you are getting a good powerful treatment without any pain. Every time you get a Lift Facial you are delivered the next level of power dose so the energy in your muscles get stronger and helps build the muscles — just like a good workout! Clients can often see instant results, though microcurrent treatments are traditionally completed in a series and require some upkeep (like any exercise you’d do to maintain healthy muscles). It is a cumulative treatment.   We have watched microcurrent machines reduce the appearance of paralysis in individuals who have experienced strokes, turn back the time by minimizing deep lines and wrinkles on peoples faces, and by lifting the facial muscles to their perky, youthful prime. We have watched inflamed and irritated skin come to a natural glow and softness. The versatility of microcurrent technology continues to leave us speechless! Microcurrent treatments are non-invasive, which appeals to those seeking a more holistic and natural cosmetic service. We have designed the best “True Microcurrent™” system to bring immediate and cumulative results. And every single time you get a Lift Facial, you are improving your skin health. All of this makes microcurrent a top-of-the-line treatment to add to your skin care regimen.   Ready to experience the best in facial technology? Book your Lift Facial today!