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Exhale Upper East Side

When it comes to technology, 2020 brings a whole new standard for innovations. To help give our lives that efficient boost we need, we often to turn to technology. We order an Uber instead of hailing a cab. We order our groceries online instead of standing in line at the supermarket. We even use an app to keep track of how much we’re eating, and how many steps we take! Bottom line, we all love an opportunity to enhance an experience that will give us a boost of efficiency.

When it comes to your skin, you should never settle for anything less than the best. As the stakes in the skincare game continue to grow, new advancements in technology are being developed that aim to enhance the quality of our results. At Exhale Upper East Side, we sat down with lead esthetician, Mila, to walk us through the advanced power of our top three facial technologies, that offer a high-quality solution to seeing transformative results…fast.

The Lift Facial
Get ready for takeoff…because this facial will bring your skin’s definition to new heights. This uplifting therapy utilizes gentle micro current waves to tone facial muscles, build collagen, and stimulate protein production. “We have so many groups of muscles in our face”, says Mila, “and we actually use very few of them. All of the others remain relaxed. To wake up those muscles and return them to their active state, we stimulate them with probe technology.” When muscle memory is restored, our face looks firm and toned and we see our natural contours resurface. Hello, cheekbones! Maintain a radiant and lifted glow with a series of six monthly facials (at a 25% discount), or prep for a big event with a single intensive Lift!

The Cool Beam Facial
The Cool Beam Facial uses a variety of colored LED lights that target different areas of focus, all in one facial. “This is one of my favorite facials that we offer” says Mila. “The Cool Beam Facial incorporates LED light to helps to stimulate different areas of concern. The blue light is anti-bacterial. This is perfect for active acne, acne scars, and eliminate oils deep in the skin. The red light helps to treat the outer layer of the skin. When we absorb the red light, we stimulate the production of collagen, which helps make our skin look more tight, glowing, and healthy. The green aims to focus on relieving any discomfort or irritation on your skin, and helps with healing. The balance of all three of these lights offers a high-quality solution to repairing years of skin damage including sun spots, breakouts, irritation, and fine lines.” Mila emphasizes that “Depending on the guest’s skin type and their individual goals, I will personalize the Cool Beam Facial to cater to their specific needs. This therapy is great for all ages ranging from teens who are struggling with acne stars, to people looking to reduce fine lines.”

The Ultrasonic Facial
The Ultrasonic Facial uses a handheld device that works to exfoliate and cleanse the top layer of your skin. Mila explains that “the device vibrates and activates the layers of skin to bring impurities to the surface. Then with the blade, we painlessly clear off all the impurities — dull cells and excess oils — off of the skin. It feels amazing and gives your skin that healthy plump sensation.”

“This is a great facial for men because it helps with ingrown hair and works to maintain a smooth and even landscape for a man’s face. Redness is reduced, irritation is calmed, and it is perfect for every skin type — even for ultra-sensitive skin. Healing nutrients go deep into the tissue to stimulate skin repair beneficial for both discoloration and scarring.

Throughout February, Exhale members can take advantage of exclusive rates for these technology-fueled facials. Take this last week of February, and give your skin the smart care it needs. We’ve got all the tools to send you off into spring feeling lifted, glowing, and radiant.


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