How to Create a Fresh Skincare Routine in 2020

Featuring Expert Esthetician: Maria McCown
Exhale NoMad, NYC

This is the time of year for fresh starts; hanging up a new calendar, setting up new fitness goals, and making an effort to expand your horizons by trying out new things (cooking class anyone)? One of our favorite ways to wipe the slate clean and jumpstart the new year is to establish a new skincare routine! When it comes to caring for your skin, it’s so important to constantly reestablish your routine amidst the constant change in weather, and the everchanging nature of our own individual skin-types.

To get some expert information on the topic, we sat down with Maria McCown – lead esthetician at Exhale NoMad in NYC – to discuss the proper steps we should be taking when developing a personalized and sustainable routine for our skin.

“The very first step you should take in developing a fresh routine,” Maria explains, “is to schedule a facial. A facial acts as a consultation, a thorough treatment, and a chance to develop a specific plan to follow at home. To begin your facial, you will sit down with your esthetician for an in-depth skin consultation. Here, you can express any goals or concerns you may have and your aesthetician will take the proper steps to evaluate your skin and recommend the best products for your skin-type.” Many people make the mistake of using products that are not meant for their specific skin-type, which can lead to a number of issues. Using the wrong products for your skin-type can cause irritation, imbalance, and unwelcome breakouts.

It’s so important to seek expert guidance when it comes to choosing products. To determine your specific skin-type, your esthetician will evaluate your skin through a series of cleansing, exfoliating and extracting. Maria continues by emphasizing “if you’re seeing an esthetician for the first time, it’s important to undergo extractions. This is how we really get to know your skin-type and can determine how your skin is producing oil.”

Once you’ve had your facial, your esthetician will give you a personalized plan to take home with you, including specific products that you can purchase straight from our wellbeing boutique.

To better understand the process, Maria gives us a scenario of someone in their mid-thirties with combination skin, looking to treat with anti-aging products that also work to fight the occasional breakout. “First, we will recommend a basic cleanser. Nothing that is stripping your skin. 302 Sensitive cleanser or iS clinical cleansing complex are both really effective and gentle products that we would recommend. The key with cleansers is not to strip the skin of its natural oils, which is especially important this time of year when we’re experience colder weather.

“Next, we will recommend a calming toner. Rose water is an amazing base for a toner, as it works to sooth and balance the skin. Another toner we would recommend is the 302 Calming Mist. It’s gentle on the skin, but works to reduce imbalances.”

“The third product you’ll need to add to your routine is a serum. I like to encourage guests to try mixing two serums together: the iS Clinical hyaluronic acid serum withe the pro-heal serum. The hyaluronic acid is both anti-aging and hydrating while the pro heal has vitamin C and retinol. Therefore, you’re going to get retinol which is both anti-aging and works to treat acne, fine lines, and pigmentation while the Vitamin C is brightening and also protects from the sun.”

“Next up in your routine is an exfoliator. One of our top pics for exfoliation are the Dr Dennis Gross Peel Pads. We will always recommend using these pads one to two times per week, despite instructions on the package. Over-exfoliation can strip the skin of oils that you need in order to maintain a balanced tone.”

Once your esthetician gives you your product recommendations, you will talk through how often you should be using these products and when. You will also discuss when you will return for your next facial. Maria emphasizes that “Planning regular facials plays a very important role in maintaining a routine that evolves with the seasons, and with your skin’s natural development. Our environment around us is always changing, and so is our skin.” She also explains how our diet is reflected in the health of our skin and tells us, “to help keep you glowing and hydrated throughout the year, it’s important to eat and drink the right things. That means eating healthy foods that are high in antioxidants and constantly drinking a healthy amount of water.”

Now that we’ve got the scoop from an expert…let’s recap the routine!

1 – Schedule your facial

2 – Sit down for a skin consultation with your aesthetician

3 – Receive your facial with extractions

3 – Develop a treatment plan based on your aesthetician’s evaluation

4 – Invest in the right products

5 – Stick to the routine!

6 – Keep up with the facials

7 – Eat and drink the right things

Take the first step in kicking off your 2020 routine…