As you walk into the Recovery class, intensions set and an open mind, you are immediately brought to a level of calm. The class begins with an inward reflection. You are instructed to take inventory of how your body feels. The outside noise is silenced, and little-by-little you awaken the energy from your head to your toes. Throughout the class, the focus shifts from mindful meditation, to active stretching, and restorative foam rolling. Throughout the progression of these healing elements of the class, your body and mind undergo a transformative recovery experience. Muscles are limber and relaxed, the mind is centered and calm, and from the inside out you feel completely restored.   Now that the mind and body are set to a state of balance and revitalization, it’s time to apply the elements of recovery to the imperative care of your skin. The Detox Facial offers a very similar experience of awareness that stems from the inside outward. Beginning with the pre-facial moment you have to yourself in the zen lounge, all tension immediately begins to dissipate. Deep breathing and mindful stillness in advance of your detox prepares you mentally and physically for the restorative therapy. Throughout the 60 minute therapy, your skin undergoes a series of cleanses, 3-layer chemical peel, exfoliation a vitamin C mask, and more. Throughout the facial, you can feel the sensation of toxins leaving the surface of your skin. With a combination of soothing steam, warm compresses, and a soothing environment, you have no choice but to fall into a complete sense of tranquility and wellbeing.   Both The Recovery Class and the Detox Facial are brand new offerings at Exhale, and both fully encompass the importance maintaining a routine that not only challenges, but restores and revives your wellbeing from the inside out. Toxins, tension and strain inevitably build up within us over time. Taking the time to clean the slate and refresh your wellbeing is a total must.