In order to look and feel your best while walking down the aisle, it is essential to take the time to keep your stresses low and your spirits high. During the special time leading up to your wedding, you should take the time to take care of yourself rather than over-stressing about the details of the big day. In other words: try to worry less about the seating charts, and more about what’s in your heart. Here are some ways to turn that anticipatory energy inward and invest it where it really counts.    

  1. Get moving Getting yourself on a healthy fitness routine is a great way to feel strong and radiant for the big day. It’s also the perfect way to channel your hyped up energy!
  2. Take a breath This is a special time, not a stressful time. Build yourself up to become the most cool, calm and collected bride anyone’s ever seen. Take a yoga class to re-center yourself, or dive into some mindful meditation. It’s all about love, so don’t forget to show yourself some.
  3. Sleep Beauty sleep will bring you that natural, beaming glow that every bride wants. So get yourself to bed early with a cup of tea and a juicy reality show and get those Z’s.
  4. Eat right Clean eating will keep your stomach happy and your skin glowing. Fight off those pre-wedding butterflies with calming foods that will not irritate your stomach.
  5. Show your nails some love You’ll be looking down at your hands a lot (hello bling) so give yourself something beautiful to look at.
  6. Manage your time Don’t let things build up and bite you in the butt. Set aside time each day to take whatever bridal duties you may have, but then set everything aside and allot time for focusing on yourself. Websites like Zola make registry and wedding planning easy! (Pro Tip: Add Exhale to your registry for spa therapies and fitness classes to help get you ready for your big day!)
  7. Love your body The dress is meant to fit your body, not the other way around. So whatever your goals are, don’t let them get the best of you. Toning up before the big day can help you to feel fierce and fit is healthy, but don’t let it stress you out!
  8. Embrace your friends Friendship is a big part of self-care. The people we choose to laugh with can bring a sense of comforting support that will keep you feeling like you.
  9. Know that it’s okay to be selfish Don’t shy away from putting yourself first. Listen to yourself and give yourself whatever you need to feel strong and centered for your day. Get a rejuvenating facial or massage to refresh your skin and your body.
  10. Treat yourself. That’s right, give yourself something special. Treat yourself to a weekend away with your girls, or splurge on that pair of earrings you’ve been eye-ing! That self-fulfillment will give you the confidence and spirit to enjoy your day to its fullest!