As summer continues to blossom, we continue to combat feelings of doubt and stress when it comes to unnecessary “summer body” pressure. This mindset can easily take away from the experiences that you should be enjoying and the confidence within you. When it comes to feeling confident in a swimsuit, we like to focus on developing feel-good prep and self-love practices that will help us to embrace what we already possess, while polishing up our internal glow. Here are some ways to give your confidence a skyrocketing boost before hitting the beach in your suit.  

  • Pick a suit that makes YOU feel comfortable. There are no rules or restrictions that should limit you to a certain kind of swimsuit. Pick a cut and color that speaks to you and makes you feel amazing.
  • Exfoliate and polish up your skin with a detoxifying Glow Body scrub. Glow get em’!
  • The suit is the main event, but the cover up is the opening act. Make it a cute one!
  • Get your sweat on in the studio. Being active releases endorphins and leaves you feeling positive and strong.
  • Block out negative noise. Don’t allow yourself to become affected by unnecessary and unwelcome pressures from society, the media, or yourself. You create your own standards, so stick to them!
  • Fit in an Exhale on Demand session before hitting the beach to center your mind and body while granting you a glistening (sweaty) glow.
  • Set the tone with a tinted moisturizer that will give you that natural beachy glow before even hitting the sand!