Same great classes. New great vibes. And we can’t WAIT for you to experience it! Exhale’s newly created Innovation Lab has been developing fresh new variations and movements for exhale’s Barre class. The result? Flowing, challenging additions that will engage your whole body and mind and leave you with an even greater sense of length and total body strength. Read on to find out more! Who’s involved? The Innovation Lab is led by Bergen Wheeler, exhale’s National Director of Mind Body Innovation and Talent. Every quarter, a team of teachers come together to innovate and evolve a class genre supported by a panel of movement experts (see innovation advisory board panelists below). What’s our “why”? “Innovation should be continuous and ongoing.” -Annbeth Eschbach, exhale President + CEO It’s in our nature to innovate. Developed by industry leaders, exhale’s fitness class program has been at the forefront of the fitness industry since its inception in 2003. We got star teachers and an expert advisory board (more on that below) together to form the Innovation Lab, so we can continue to deliver on our promise of inspirational, results-oriented classes that engage body and mind. Our programs are ever-changing to be true to that brand promise. At exhale, no two classes will ever be the same. What can you expect from the new moves? Enjoy new whole body, functional barre fitness sequences built for real life — in sequences that engage your whole body and mind to encourage mental presence and mindfulness. READY TO TRY IT OUT? BOOK YOUR NEXT BARRE CLASS. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… About the exhale Innovation Advisory Board Members Exhale’s Innovation Advisory Board is comprised of forward-thinking experts and leaders in fitness, movement, and physical therapy. These professionals provide the Innovation Lab with insights, guidance, and expertise and will continue to work with exhale on ever-evolving all fitness programming for the brand.  James Gallegro, Manhattan Physio Group. PT, DScPT, MSPT, CMPT, CSCS James received a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College in 2000. He spent six years at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, building a strong background in the medical side of the Physical Therapy profession. In 2006, he left the hospital setting to pursue his passion for outpatient orthopedics, and joined Manhattan Physio Group in September of 2013. His belief in providing patient-centered, individualized care has led him to continuously push his education further, and strengthen his skills for patient assessment and treatment. To that end, James has completed a rigorous post-professional clinical training and examination program through the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (NAIOMT), earning the distinction of “Certified Manual Physical Therapist” (CMPT) in 2010. He then went on to a Doctor of Science degree (DSc) in Physical Therapy at Andrews University, which he completed in 2015. James is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and is a certified Golf Fitness Professional with the Titleist Performance Institute. As a rehabilitation professional and fitness consultant, James believes in building programs that are designed to not only address pain, but to identify underlying inefficiencies in movement and integrate better patterns into exercise. Having recovered from numerous injuries himself, his background as a college hockey player and fitness enthusiast helps James bring a personal touch to guiding his patients back to a high level of activity, health and wellbeing. Alana Reed, Private Celebrity Pilates Expert. PMA-CPT, Pilates Instructor, MSW Alana Reed began studying The Pilates Method at Skidmore College in 1995 as a student in the dance department.  Upon graduation, Alana moved to New York City and earned a Masters Degree in Social Work from The Columbia University School of Social Work.  In 2001 Alana was certified to teach Pilates by Romana Kryzanowska, one of 4 living original protégés of Joseph Pilates and the leading Pilates instructor in the world. Alana has traveled throughout the U.S. to study Pilates with the most experienced and innovative teachers in the industry. She works with many different populations including many pregnant and post-natal clients, clients with low bone density and osteoporosis, athletes, weekend warriors, as well as beginners.  Alana now focuses on teaching private clients at studios on the East Side of Manhattan and in private homes and in businesses throughout the city.  Alana has pre/post natal certifications, teaches Pilates for Buff Bones as well as Pilates Method Alliance Certification.  Alana has been featured as a Pilates expert in many publications including The New York Times, UrbanBaby, StrollerTraffic, Fitness, Seventeen, American Baby, Woman’s World, Details, Modern Bride, NY Resident, Big City Moms and Westchester Parent. Alana was also a recently a featured guest on Martha Stewart Radio. Becka Vargus, Dance Curriculum Specialist at the Juilliard School, Former Professional Dancer for Paul Taylor Becka Vargus is a Dance Curriculum Specialist and Dance Teaching Artist.  As a dancer, she has performed with Taylor 2, Maffei Dance Company, Avodah Dance Ensemble, Martita Goshen’s Earthworks, Vencl Dance Trio, Katrina Killian, June Finch, and Sue Hogan, among others. She has toured throughout the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia and was featured in the off-Broadway production of Phenomenon with Alyse Rothman’s Nerve Ensemble. Becka also has been a long-time teacher and dancer for the American Dance Legacy Initiative, introducing students to classics of American Modern Dance and performing in many of the Initiative’s dance etudes and reconstructions, including the film of Sophie Maslow’s The Village I Knew. She currently also serves as a Children’s Ballet Master for Dances Patrelle. Becka graduated cum laude from Brown University, where she created and designed her own major in “Artistic Expression and Child Development,” and received the Susan Ross Steinfield prize for excellence in the performing arts. She has always been passionate about sharing her love of dance with young students and has been a dance teaching artist for Lincoln Center Education since 2007 and was on the faculty of Ballet Academy East for over ten years. Donna Cyrus, Previously Senior VP of Programming for Crunch Fitness. Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness. Board member, International Dance and Exercise Committee (IDEA). ACE, AFFA, and NASM certified Donna Cyrus was the Senior Vice President of P Group Fitness Programming for Crunch for 18 years. She spearheaded the development of innovative programming that makes Crunch a leader in today’s competitive fitness industry. Since 1998, Donna has made significant contributions to the field through the creation of entertaining, yet highly-effective group fitness classes.  Recognized and awarded in the fitness industry for her ability to find, create and cultivate programs and talent, Donna has discovered some of today’s most notable fitness brands and personalities. She discovered and mentored the founder of Zumba Fitness, Beto Perez, while in Miami and with her knowledge and expertise helped to create a worldwide brand.  With a concentration on innovation and bringing new and exciting programming to the fitness industry, Donna has been credited with bringing many popular workouts to the market.  She with Crunch was first to partner with TRX to create a group fitness workout, Donna’s unique skills helped launch a simple concept used by Personal Trainer into one of the most popular group fitness workouts to date. She was also involved in the evolution of Spinning, being the first to hold indoor cycling classes in the South Miami , working with Johnny G the creator. Keeping her eye on upcoming talent, she was instrumental in helping such prestigious programs such as, Bungee Flight utilizing 4DPro apparatus, X-Pole, Anti -Gravity YogaJillian Michaels Body Shred, Butti and POUND become one of the most quickly growing fitness brands in the country.   Her dedication to the industry and new talent has been the driving reason for her success. During her time at Crunch, she has served as producer and designer of numerous top selling videos and most recently created the groundbreaking Crunch Live which brings Crunch’s signature classes blending exercise and entertainment to the consumer market. Donna has designed the Programming for Madonna’s gym chain ”Hard Candy Fitness”  She continues to oversee all Group Fitness programing for the clubs across the globe. Donna presently consults for such Fitness brands as Crunch and UFC gyms. Donna has recently created the Cyrus Fit incorporated consulting firm specializing in all things “fitness” related with her years of success in the industry.