Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer! As many of us have started to up the sweat sessions and lighten up the grub, it can be tough to keep it consistent with the start of scrumptious summer shindigs. The good news is there are many ways to savor all of the good stuff while staying on a healthy track.  

  • Hydrate! – Amongst the celebratory beverages and other indulgences, it’s important to drink lots of water in order to avoid becoming dehydrated and getting a seriously unwanted headache. Keeping the water intake consistent can also keep you from overindulging on the goodies.
  • Sweat! It’s inevitable, we are going to indulge this weekend! To keep your body balanced and to maintain your metabolism’s hard-earned speed, fit in a quick sweat session in between your weekend festivities. A home workout means no time wasted schlepping to the gym on a holiday weekend.
  • Load up on lean meats, fish and veggies! When you fill up on the good stuff, you won’t overdo the less healthy (but totally necessary) stuff. Adding some sweetness to your dishes is the perfect way to satisfy your pallet while keeping your eating fresh and clean. Try a fresh mango salsa along with your burgers, dogs or chicken!
  • It’s a balance – Don’t go in with an “all or nothing” mindset. Enjoy everything in moderation! Help yourself to the fresh summer pie, but load up on plenty of fruit too!
  • Enjoy yourself! – Don’t waste any of your holiday weekend being stressed. Staying healthy and on track is all about feeling good, so enjoy what you do and enjoy what you eat!