Summer is on its way out. This means that it’s almost time to let go of flip flops, Summer Fridays, and the constant need to drink spiked seltzer on the beach while blasting Lizzo. At this time of year, that familiar bitter feeling starts to creep into our hearts as we prepare to say goodbye to another blissful summer. However, instead of wallowing in the end of the summer season, try turning those emotions outward and begin to look forward to everything that lies ahead in the months to come. Hold onto that care-free summer spirit as you venture into a new season with a fresh perspective!   Here are some ways that we like to combat the end-of-summer blues by embracing the transition and keeping the fun going!  

  1. Plan fun things: Dinner with friends, a weekend getaway, nature hike, or hosting a party are a just a few of the ways enjoy the new season and keep your serotonin levels high!
  2. Cook for the season: Purchase seasonal produce and experiment with a yummy fall recipe!
  3. Treat yourself: Stress and seasonal changes wrecking havoc on your skin? Treat yourself to a renewing Detox Facial to completely reset your skin for fall!
  4. Exercise: Workout hard and then recover harder with our newest class, Exhale Recovery, and focus on reviving yourself from the inside out.
  5. Give your home a refresh: Add some new throw pillows, a new piece of art on the wall, or simply get rid of some clutter that’s piled up over the summer. Who said spring cleaning can’t happen in the fall?
  6. Refresh your wardrobe: Treating yourself to some new looks for the new season is a great way to give your confidence a boost and feel renewed.
  7. Reflect and reset your pace: Use the new season as a chance to reflect on how you feel, and what you want to accomplish in the months to come.