After the festive yet draining holiday months of constantly giving to others, it can be very easy to veer off our wellbeing track and lose touch with what is most important – yourself. That’s why, in honor of the season of love, we are putting a major focus on prioritizing yourself and upping your self-love! In order to have that consistent sense of self-love and wellbeing, you have to establish a healthy and loving relationship with your routine. From waking up to a refreshing skincare routine, to keeping track of your goals and thoughts in a journal, there are endless habits you can adapt that will make a big difference in embracing a routine that fills you with wellbeing and happiness. To move you in the right direction, we’re giving you some of our go-to tips that will help you to fall in love with your routine and all of the wellbeing that radiates along with it.

Get journal-ing!
Give yourself a space to record all of your goals, thoughts, challenges and ideas. Using a wellbeing journal can serve as a constant motivator and creative outlet that gives you that momentum you need to enjoy the process of your journey. When you read it back, you’ll get that extra sense of encouragement and excitement that you need to crush your goals. Your biggest motivator is yourself, so don’t lose touch!

Make goals for yourself
Setting attainable yet challenging goals is a great way to get yourself pumped about your routine and the idea of working towards achievement. Establishing a time frame provides you with that structure you need along with the comforting fact that you are exactly where you’re meant to be along your journey.

Get into group workouts!
Surrounding yourself with a positive group energy will make prioritizing fitness fun and easy! Jump into a fitness class at Exhale and experience the motivational aspect of being part of a wellbeing community.  Thrive off of the energy around you and meet like-minded people who are also looking to make their  wellbeing a priority.

Reward yourself along the way
When you’re working hard to achieve a goal, it’s crucial to reward yourself. Whether it be a bubble bath at the end of a long day, a relaxing massage at Exhale, or a new workout outfit, it’s those meaningful rewards that will keep you feeling accomplished, fulfilled, and ready for more.

Give yourself time to recover
Set aside time to allow your body and your mind to reset and re-center. When you’re exerting yourself and committing to a fitness goal, it’s so important to incorporate moments of recovery in order to stay focused, balanced and motivated. Exhale Recovery combines elements of meditation, foam rolling and active stretching to help your muscles and your mind to reset. This dynamic combination of restorative methods is the perfect way to keep yourself feeling strong, from the inside out.

Grab a buddy
Take advantage of your positive relationships and be sure utilize their support! Grab your buddy and head to a class together to sweat it out, or treat yourselves to a rejuvenating spa day. We’re all in this together, and sometimes having a friend by your side can make your routine and your wellbeing journey that much more enjoyable and easy.

Switch it up
Give your routine some variety with classes that will keep you on your toes. Exhale’s hybrid classes give you the chance to try out multiple modalities in one class! The variety will keep your routine fresh and will keep you from losing steam along the way. Try out a Barre + Cardio, or a HIIT + Recovery class.

Your wellbeing is what you make of it. So when you’re building out your routine, be sure to fill it with love and keep the focus solely on you. By maintaining your balance and keeping the positivity flowing, and you’ll be on a track that will not only lead to great things, but will fulfill you along the way.