4 ways that going big on greens, grains and beans really impacts your overall wellbeing. Plant-power is taking center stage these days and rightly so! Here’s why:   Reduced inflammation Inflammation at its core is a good thing. It is the body’s way of calling the cavalry (aka white blood cells) to come to the rescue, repairing tissue, fighting viruses and bacteria. However, when we eat foods like sugar and refined grains, that provoke an adverse reaction, we are keeping our white blood cells on amber alert which over time causes pain, fatigue and is the pre-cursor to chronic disease. A plant-based diet, heavy in whole grains and loaded with anti-oxidant properties from vegetables, fruits and legumes reduces inflammation, improving energy and restoring the integrity of the immune system.   Faster recovery Linked to the reduction in inflammation, a plant-heavy diet means that torn and worn out muscles repair more quickly. This means harder and longer work outs, with faster recovery time.   Plantable2   Lower blood sugar A whole food, plant-based diet, with meals made from real, unprocessed ingredients, keeps insulin naturally low. This is because unrefined and untampered ingredients are naturally low in added sugar and high in fiber. A plant-heavy, high fiber diet means that ingredients take a long time to be broken down into energy (glucose) and keeping the need for insulin low. Insulin’s role is to remove the glucose from the blood and store it as fat. A plant-heavy diet provides you with all the energy you need without the blood sugar spike and the commensurate crash. No more afternoon dull-drums!   Resets your appetite In addition to keeping insulin low, you also get the added benefit of suppressing ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and increasing leptin, the satiety hormone. With the reduced need for insulin, there is less energy storage as fat, therefore less of a hormone prompt to eat more. Ironically today’s modern diet, while being calorie-dense is also prompting us to eat more! A whole food, plant-based diet however, keeps ghrelin in check and increases our level of satiety (leptin) meaning we aren’t so hungry. So now you know that hormones do in fact control our behavior!   Plantable3   With prepared meals, education and coaching, Plantable makes moving toward a whole-food, plant-based diet easy. Learn more about our 1-week Quickstart or 28-day Reboot at   To bring your power up to the next level, enjoy 25% off your Plantable Quickstart program! Simply use code Exhale25 at checkout!  


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