The New Year is here! It’s a fresh start and a chance to set a new intention. For many of us, this means making a promise to be healthier. Whether we want to exercise more, or practice a higher level of self-care, sticking to a resolution can be a lot harder than making one. January is a busy time of year, and between family, friends, careers and our workouts, it’s often difficult to follow through with our intention.

Here’s our favorite life hack to help you meet your goals… Meal planning! Think of it as your secret weapon to staying on track. Planning your meals takes the guesswork out of making healthy choices in your everyday life. It’s science: studies prove that time-saving services like meal delivery make you happier. When we realized this, we launched our own meal plan in November called exhaleEATS* —our answer to nutritionally-customized, goal-focused, prepared meal delivery.

So, if you’re already feeling the stress of committing to your 2018 resolutions, here are our top 5 reasons to meal plan in the New Year:

  1. You want to change your eating habits:
    If you want to try a 100% plant-based diet, or are going gluten- or dairy-free, a meal plan can turn a big change into a simple one. On exhaleEATS, you can choose any restrictions you want — whether you’re going vegan or just trying to eat more veggies. With a meal plan based on your weight, height, and workout routine, you’ll also be sure that you’re getting enough nutrients and the right portion sizes.
  2. You’re not an expert chef:
    While this one is a little obvious, the truth is you don’t need to become a grade-A chef to eat well. Enter: your meal plan, prepared by real chefs and delivered to your doorstep — all you have to do is heat and eat (our containers are oven-safe too!).
  3. You have a goal you want to hit quickly:
    There is no easier way to see results than to put yourself on a regimented plan. If your goal is weight-loss, and you want to see a change in the New Year, then the exhaleEATS BURN program is the perfect option to support your efforts. With the BURN plan, you’ll get lower carb, pre-portioned meals that will help you get through the day without unwanted cravings and support your efforts to burn fat and, even better, see results.
  4. You want to save money:
    When many people think of meal programs they first think, expensive. The truth is, meal programs don’t have to cost a lot of money in order to be good. In fact, many meal plans are more affordable than running out at lunch and buying that overpriced salad, that ends up filled with ingredients you aren’t sure about and more calories than you probably should be getting. Truth: You don’t actually know what your salmon was cooked in at your local salad spot, or when the produce was purchased. At an average of $12 per meal (for lunches and dinners), the exhaleEATS meals are far less than the $15-20 you end up spending on-the- go near your office, or the go-to snack in between meals after you were left hungry. Meal programs, while an investment upfront, will likely save you money in the long run, while getting you the nutrients and fulfillment your body craves.
  5. You want to make self-care a priority:
    While self-care can come in many different forms, eating well is paramount to your overall wellbeing. Our goal at exhale is to help you on your wellbeing journey — and with exhaleEATS, we are now able to help you with healthy meals, so you can put more time and attention to taking care of you. Whether going to an exhale class, getting a massage, or just relaxing on the weekends with family and friends, leave your meal planning to the experts so you can focus on what matters most in the New Year.

*exhaleEATS currently available in the following cities: New York, Boston and Stamford.