We are very blessed at exhale to have a complete team of teachers, therapists, technicians and healers who can help you achieve health and wellness through our products, therapies and programs.

Our blog is an open forum for you to reach out with questions, suggestions or ideas for our team so that we may better serve you and your wellness needs.

It is an exciting time for us here at exhale as we continue to expand our foot print across the country opening up new units in Stamford Ct and Atlantic City N.J. as well as the release of our 10th Core Fusion DVD!

As a founder of exhale and a co- creator of our Core Fusion program, I would love to share suggestions that can help you get more from your efforts when you exercise.  We have nutritionists who are excited to share good eating tips, skin care specialists to help you look your best, massage therapists who can lazer strike those tight shoulders and acupuncturists with information on balancing your body, mind and spirit.

Exhale is a mind body spa where we focus on wellness and maximizing your health.  We see wellness as a path and the journey as a life style.

Come and join us as we travel this path together and embark on the challenges of living a healthy life style in today’s toxic world.

My next post will be tips on enhancing your Core Fusion class room experience, coming soon!

From the core,