Our homes are our personal spaces that accommodate all things essential to living our best lives. Home is where we rest and nourish, where we express ourselves, where we feel safe and comforted, and where we harness all things that bring us wellbeing. During this time that we are staying home, let’s focus on embracing and utilizing our space for the purpose of preserving the best versions of ourselves. How do we do this? We’re sharing our go-to steps for setting up a designated wellbeing space right in your home. This space will be a place for fitness, balance, happiness, recovery, and all things that fuel our wellbeing.

Find a space
Pinpoint a specific space in your home that you enjoy and that inspires your wellbeing. This space should have just enough room for you to move and challenge your body, and that gives you a strong sense of balance without any distractions.

Create an atmosphere
Start setting up your space! Roll out a mat, gather your Exhale On Demand props, add an element of outside nature with your favorite plant, and make sure that the lighting provides a calming and inspiring ambience.

Gather the tools
Make sure that you have everything you need for your workouts; an Exhale worm roller for recovery, a stretch belt, barre ball, a resistence loop, and anything else you might need. If you have a creative outlet that inspires you, make sure you have the materials that you need nearby (a book, a sketchpad, a musical instrument).

Make it yours
Add your own personal taste to your wellbeing area. Hang something on the wall that inspires you, add a soothing salt lamp to set the mood, and make sure that you create a space that speaks to you and provides you with an escape from any distractions or stresses that you may have. This is your space to thrive, so make it yours. If you have a furry friend that you’d like by your side, have them join you and keep you company during your wellbeing time!

Visit daily
Consistency is key when it comes to wellbeing. Visit your space every day to for whatever it is that brings you strength. Tune in for a daily Exhale On Demand workout, settle in with your favorite book, or simply set aside some time to disconnect and do some deep breathing. This is your space for wellbeing, so whatever it is that fuels you, be sure to do it every day.