Everyone wants to feel refreshed and fab on a daily basis. A good night sleep (at least 8 hours) recharges and refuels you so you wake up with a strong body, sharp mind and slay-the-day attitude. Read below for 5 benefits of getting a good night’s sleep, and our 5 tips to help you get there!         5 BENEFITS OF BETTER SLEEP  

  1. You’ll keep the pounds off Hitting the hay early keeps you from hitting the fridge late for an unnecessary midnight snack.
  2. You’ll be sharper at work Extra sleep improves memory and will help you stay sharp as a tack so you can spend more time being a rock star and less time desperately guzzling coffee.
  3. You’ll glow brighter Good sleep improves heart health and lowers inflammation, which leads to clear skin and wards off wrinkles (you’re welcome).
  4. You’ll be in a better mood Hell hath no fury like an under-rested badass! Rest up so you don’t lash out.
  5. You’ll have more energy You want to live on the edge of adventure…not on the edge of crashing.


  1. Regular exercise! Get moving! A good sweat session will keep your body balanced and will maximize your time spent resting. Try an Exhale Cardio class to give your body that healthy boost of activity.
  2. Follow a relaxing routine before bed Read a book, calm your skin with your favorite nighttime skin care product, or do some Mindful Meditation. This is your chance to wind yourself down from whatever wound you up throughout the day.
  3. Manage your stress High levels of anxiety can keep you from getting a peaceful night’s sleep so it’s important to find ways to balance your stress. Try a Chill Yoga class or a relaxing massage to melt away any tension and allow for the perfect evening wind down.
  4. Don’t eat a heavy meal too late in the day Filling up too close to bedtime can cause your body to work overtime to digest instead of trying to slow down for a good night’s sleep.
  5. Try to go to bed at the same time each night Routine is key to keep your body accustomed to healthy habits. So when bed time rolls around, turn off your phone, and turn off your thoughts.