This unconventional time we are all experiencing has brought with it a lot of changes that can make us feel disconnected from the things we’re used to. From the ease of dining at your favorite restaurant, to the thrilling sense of community when you walk through the door of your go-to fitness studio, we are now challenged to rethink and transform these simple but fundamental habits in a way that keeps us healthy and safe.

Luckily, when life gives you a challenge…you can conquer it! Can’t go to a restaurant? Become a gourmet health-food chef right in your own kitchen. No in-person classes at your local fitness studio? Set up a space at home that inspires and motivates you, tap into a virtual community of like-minded wellbeing warriors, and set up some new goals that elevate your routine. When ambiguity hangs in the air, it is absolutely essential to maintain our sense of self-care and wellbeing. A Virtual Fitness Membership is the perfect way to immerse yourself in a world of movement, community, and up-beat motivation that keeps you feeling connected, happy, and strong.

Whether you’re tuning in for an hour of mindful yoga, or you’re looking to sweat out that tension that’s built up throughout the day, an Exhale Everywhere Membership gives you the freedom to tune into a class that fits your vibe…at any time.

Here are a few reasons why Exhale Everywhere will transform your fitness routine while enhancing your overall sense of wellbeing during the craziest of times.

When fitness is at your fingertips, it’s as easy as ever to hold yourself accountable and get. it. done. No travel, no hassle, and all in the comfort of your own space. Not to mention, the affordability makes for a calm conscience — and a happy wallet.

That social interaction we crave, with the group-motivation your routine needs. Work out with your favorite teachers and those familiar faces you’re used to seeing in the studio! We’re all in this together.

Freedom and Flexibility
Last minute change of plans? In the virtual fitness world, you are the master. Customize your schedule and keep your body guessing with a full schedule of virtual classes and access to hundreds of On Demand workouts you can access whenever, wherever!

With the pandemic still glooming over our heads, it’s no question that safety is our first priority. At-home workouts takes the risk out of the equation and allows you to crush your workouts in the safest and most comfortable space possible.

There’s no time like the present to take the next steps on your wellbeing.


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