When you’re stuck at home, it can be a challenge to maintain consistency with your fitness routine. It takes self-discipline, motivation, and a strong mindset to keep your wellbeing going. One way that we at Exhale like to keep ourselves on track is to mix…it…up. Variety brings a whole different light to working out by keeping your body guessing and most importantly… having some fun. Here are three at-home workouts that we’ve hand-picked to give you the perfect balance and a taste of multiple modalities! Here’s the lineup.

Glutes + Abdominals Blast
Teacher: Sarah Ambrose
This 20-minute session will blast your glutes and abs with a high-heat workout through a series of planks, sustained holds, curl-up variations, and stretches to keep you loose! This is the perfect workout to tone your glutes and tighten those abs without the need for any props!

Fire Flow Yoga
Teacher: Nicole Uribarri
Bring some fire to your flow with this 20-minute tension-releasing workout. You’ll move through a series of challenging movements that will up your energy, balance your breath, and boost your mood. Add some extra zen vibes to your flow session with one of our brand new By Land & Sea Yoga towels!

Total Body Barreless
Teacher: Nicole Uribarri
No barre, no problem. You can get the same low-impact, high-energy elements of our signature Exhale barre class, but without the props! Using your body weight alone, you’ll lengthen, strengthen, and sweat out all of your pent-up energy.

Staying inside for long lengths of time can be hard. If we keep it moving and keep our bodies guessing, we can come out of this stronger than ever. Get all three of these workouts, and many more on Exhale On Demand. Your first 14 days are free…so get started now! Total wellbeing waits for no one.