My life journey began in a town of 400 and my food journey began in Chicago when I was 11, with a piece of Salisbury Steak. (if you went to school in the States like me, then your lunch likely sucked… and it likely included Salisbury Steak.)

For those that don’t know, Salisbury Steak* is the epitome of processed food. Animal parts, gluten-y binders and unpronounceable preservatives formed into a patty…with grill marks PAINTED on them.

To make matters worse, the sauce turns into a gelatin substance once it’s cold…

That night I told my mom that I wanted…needed to start making my own lunch. From there, my interest in food grew. That summer I tried growing corn (which was an epic fail) and by middle school I started a business selling Rice Krispie Treats to students (and teachers.) It definitely wasn’t the healthiest thing, but I was headed in the right direction…

During art college in New York, I worked part-time in all things food; from an internship at Family Circle Magazine to 5 star Restaurants, I learned as much as I could about food. Although I ate relatively healthy, my health still wasn’t the best.

At one point, medication from a 9/11 related allergy stripped the enamel off my teeth, I was having problems with PCOS and to make things worse, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer… for the second time.

At that point, I ditched the meds and focused on food.

I took nutrition courses and started to juice fast. I used my work money to travel the world and explore every way I could to make vegetables taste delicious. Slowly but surely I cut more and more processed foods out of my diet.

It was working.

Fast forward to today: my daily diet is 80% plant based, my PCOS symptoms have disappeared, my weight and skin are great and people find it very hard to believe I’m “pushing 40.”

I heard my calling, quit my job and now work full time on educating others on the benefits of a plant-based diet through Superfood School which helps people of all diets to get more plants on their plates. We offer online content, in-person events as well as our Superfood Starter Kits which deliver superfoods and spices right to your door.

When it comes to food philosophy, ask ANY licensed medical professional and they are all going to tell you that a plant-based diet is ideal.

It is the blueprint for ANY health promoting diet.

Eating these foods will naturally reduce or maintain a healthy weight and fulfill ANY of your wildest dreams…..well not quite the last one but when you’re healthy and happy, WHY NOT?

Once you learn these timeless techniques you’re set for life (because once you can prepare a food a million different ways, you really are).

Stay tuned to this series as I take you through the basics to make plant-based easily and deliciously. We’ll be covering Energy, Weightloss and Detox along with fun recipes and of course giveaways of our kits!

But before we dig in, let’s leave you with a fun recipe to get you started. Our superfood ceviche has been a huge hit in past few weeks since the traditional dish is hard to come by. With a combination of sweet, sour, chunky and umami, you’ll never miss the fish!


  • ●  1c Red Onion, diced
  • ●  1 Can Artichoke (in water, not oil)
  • ●  1 Can Hearts of Palm (in water, not oil)
  • ●  1/4c Lime Juice
  • ●  1tb Jalapeno
  • ●  4tb Tomato Paste
  • ●  2tb Wakame (get it​ here​)
  • ●  1tb Kelp Flakes (optional but awesome, get it​ here)​
  • ●  1/2c Tomato, diced
  • ●  1 Avocado, diced
  • ●  Cilantro, minced
  • ●  Ketchup (optional)
  • ●  Hot Sauce (optional)
  • ●  1t Acai Powder (optional)
  • ●  Salt to taste 

1. Artichoke: This acts as the “shrimp” so you’ll want to separate the leaves at the thick base and leave them intact. Then roughly chop the base in shrimp sized pieces.

2. Hearts of Palm: This acts as the “fish” so you’ll want to roughly chop the pieces until they resemble a flaky filet.

3. Acai: If supercharging this ceviche, be sure to mix the powder first with the tomato paste and lime juice.

4. Mix everything together well. Tastes best after marinating, around an hour.


Texture is important here so for best mouthfeel be sure to cut ingredients exactly as noted!

The seaweed is what gives this ceviche its fishy flavor (plus lots of minerals) be sure to include…don’t worry, you can use the rest for our seafood gumbo!

Make it a meal by adding chopped chickpeas over greens or a tortilla.