If you’re active, busy, and constantly plugged into emails and texts (sounds familiar…) getting an hour-long massage sounds like an indulgence you don’t have time for. But here’s your wake-up call: it could be the most productive hour of your week, especially if you’re very active.

Here’s why. Our bodies respond to everything we do – the workouts, that Sunday evening couch potato hour (or two!), and even those few minutes spent texting – it all impacts our circulation, sleep patterns, anxiety, and muscle balance. Along with a myriad of other benefits, here are the top 6 reasons why your body is craving that post-workout massage, according to our experts.

  1. You’ll recover faster and bounce back stronger post-massage.
  2. Massages reduce muscle tension and balance your body so you’re optimizing the time you spend being active.
  3. In just an hour, you’ll decrease stiffness and fatigue and amplify the results of your workout.
  4. When you get back in the game, your flexibility will have gotten better – from the inside out.
  5. Regular massages prevent injury by reducing hypertonicity, soft tissue function, swelling, and helping to monitor muscle fatigue.
  6. The benefits of massage go deeper than your muscles themselves – a growing body of research shows that massage therapy supports your heart health and helps you maintain healthy blood pressure after high-intensity exercise.

Oh… and it’s a really relaxing way to spend an hour. But we’re betting you already knew that one. Book a therapy after your next fitness class and reap all the benefits massage has to offer.

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Source: American Massage Therapy Association | amtamassage.org