In honor of National Women’s History Month, we are passing the mic over to Exhale’s powerhouse CEO/founder. Annbeth Eschbach is an industry pioneer, a bona fide leader and an inspiring example of where hard work and passion can take you.How do you feel Exhale inspires women? I hope Exhale inspires guests to make wellbeing a central part of everyday life.   Who inspires you? I am inspired every day by the leaders, teachers, technicians, and associates at Exhale. We get to hear an “enlightened friend” anecdote every month on our monthly leadership call. The stories of associates that have gone above and beyond to inspire our guests and one another — are one of the most rewarding moments in my work life. 


What fuels you and or empowers you? I love to create and build opportunities for myself, and am fueled by the energy from passionate, talented, aligned people that are internally driven and always evolving.   What characteristics of Exhale are you most proud of? • A positive and hard-driving culture • A team that always has and will continue to develop talent and build careers in the wellbeing space. • A brand that addresses both mind and body through spa and fitness. This is a unique position that Exhale owns.   What is your advice to fellow women in business? • Don’t strive to be right. Try to listen, learn, and solve. • Lift people up. Positive leadership breeds teamwork, engagement, alignment, and positivity. • Raise your hand and grab work challenges. Don’t wait to be asked. • Stay away from toxic people.   If you could go back in time, what do you wish you had known when first starting out in your career? I wish I had known that by 2019 women would begin to feel the wind at their backs, that this would be the era that women leaders and entrepreneurs enjoy a position of strength and great opportunities. It is a fantastic time to be a woman in business!