By: Bergen Wheeler, HIIT 30 creator + exhale’s National Director of Core Fusion Talent Development

Only have 30 minutes? Great! I promise you that in half the amount of time this class will pack all the punch of your 60-minute class. Here’s what to expect from our newest class, HIIT 30:

  1. Pace yourself. Does the sound of a HIIT class intimidate you? Unlike our typical HIIT classes that move from station-to-station, our new HIIT 30 class is done entirely on your mat — and at your own pace. You won’t be worrying about what anyone else in the class is doing while the sweat drips off your face! When you listen to your body and take the class at your own pace, that’s when you’ll feel your best.
  2. Challenge your body. Get results. The exercises change throughout the class, and the sequences change monthly — so the challenge is always fresh.
  3. Feel the burn. These short intervals were designed to get you real results in half the time – it’s okay if it feels intense! It’ll feel oh so worth it by the end.
  4. Tone your body. Hello, muscles! You’ll use heavy weights and a medicine ball to add resistance — so you’ll tone and boost your cardiovascular fitness, in just 30 minutes of high intensity.

Ready to try it? Book your next HIIT 30 class here. (Be on the lookout for newly added HIIT 30 classes this winter!)