By: Quyen Ly, exhale esthetician + skincare expert extraordinaire

I hear it from everyone this time of year: “my skin is so dry and looks so dull in the winter!” It’s true: cold winter air lacks moisture, which causes your skin to be dry and dull-looking. Combined with all the holiday parties and traveling throughout the winter months, your skin is up against some serious odds. If you live or visit somewhere cold, your skin actually loses more than 25% of its ability to retain moisture in the winter season. Here’s a roundup of my favorite products to keep your glow all season long. These products are suitable for all skin types.

  1. Pestle + Mortar’s Erase + Renew Double Cleansing System is a game-changer at any time of year, because a thorough cleanse will help your skin reap the benefits of your whole skincare routine. (Curious? Read my post on Double Cleansing here.) The first step of this system is Pestle + Mortar’s Erase Balm, a favorite product of mine that will kick start your night-time routine. This cleansing balm is extremely lightweight and removes every single trace of makeup, buildup and whatever residue your skin accumulates throughout the day. My personal twist with this product is actually using it to massage my face. It contains prickly pear seed oil which promotes cell turnover, so massaging it gently into your skin is key.
  2. Pestle + Mortar Hydrate Moisturizer is another must-have and masterfully hydrates your skin. This moisturizer has everything my skin needs, and is my number one selling product at exhale Gramercy. Why? This powerhouse moisturizer does everything from hydration, to fighting fine lines, to fighting free radicals! And it is jam packed with some of my favorite ingredients like jojoba, squalene and antioxidants from pomegranate and green tea.
  3. EmerginC’s Blue Poppy Enzyme Polish (available for purchase at any exhale location) is very gentle, yet very effective. During the winter season, exfoliating is key. It helps your skin take in what you are applying topically – serums, moisturizers, etc. Of all the great exfoliators that we carry at exhale, this one is my favorite. Use it 2 to 3 times a week depending on your skin. For best results, use my trick: apply this while you’re in the shower. The steam will make it just like a mini facial. Double-cleanse and rinse your skin first, then wait 10 minutes so your skin can soften. Then massage a quarter-size amount of the Enzyme Polish onto your face (avoiding the eye area) in gentle, circular motions. Leave it on as a mask for 5 minutes, then rinse off thoroughly. The results are amazing! Follow with Pestle + Mortar Serum.
  4. Pestle + Mortar Hyaluronic Serum is the ultimate multitasker for your skin! Use in tandem with the moisturizer for optimum results. This works great as a makeup primer as well — it’ll turn your foundation to a velvety touch.

Last step: kiss dry skin goodbye!

We recommend booking a facial to cleanse it all out and get glowing with the pros. In NYC? Book a facial with Quyen at exhale Gramercy here.