Hometown: Paramus, NJ

What I do at exhale: Mind Body Manager of exhale Gramercy, Core Fusion Teacher

My background: The story goes that when I was three years old, I hopped onto my grandfather’s pool table and started singing the “I Love You” song from Barney. Ever since then, I have been a performer who loves being in front of a group and connecting with people. Throughout my childhood, I did everything from dance classes, to piano lessons, to singing on navy ships. Then, while pursuing a BFA in Acting at Boston University, I fell in love with the Alexander Technique and started studying movement in a deeper way. I came to find that Core Fusion follows a lot of the same principles that I hold sacred as both a person and a performing artist — being present and the mind-body connection. My desire to be a Core Fusion teacher soon followed. Now, I am an active part of the exhale community as well as an actor and singer making her mark in New York City.

My certificationsCore Fusion BarreCore Fusion CardioCore Fusion SportCore Fusion YogaCore Fusion Extreme, BFA in Acting

Favorite neighborhood spot: Those days when I’m in a part of Central Park where I can’t see skyscrapers and I almost forget I am in a city. The Highline. But, honestly, there are some days when I’m running around New York and I still feel like a tourist and it just amazes me that I can be somewhere like Chinatown one moment, hop on a train, and be somewhere DRASTICALLY different like the Meatpacking District 15 minutes later. It’s incredible.

My favorite local restaurant is: I recently discovered The Grey Dog in Chelsea. Such a cool place. They have everything from coffee/tea to yummy sandwiches, salads, desserts and even beer and wine. Great atmosphere too with plenty of places to sit in this exposed brick, artwork covering the walls, kind of haven!

What’s in my gym bag: My tablet with my playlists, chargers, workout clothes (sometimes 2 pairs, depending), protein bars, water, deodorant, Trader Joe’s face wipes, dry shampoo, sometimes sneakers if I’m teaching/taking CFX, exhale socks (duh).

What song do I have on repeat: “Comeback” by Ella Eyre (shared with me by fellow MBM, teacher, roommate, and friend Kristin Calabria).

What’s in my refrigerator right now: Almond milk, apples, eggs, veggie burgers, Greek yogurt, cheese, whole wheat sprouted bread.

My typical day: What I love about what I do is that every day is different! I’ll recall this past Friday, as an example.

I get up at around 8am and take my time making myself breakfast — usually either Greek yogurt with fruit and granola or oatmeal. While eating breakfast, I’ll check my e-mail and generally prep for my day. Then, I head over to a voice lesson by Penn Station at 11am. From there, I walk over to exhale Gramercy and take a mid-day Core Fusion Barre class. I stick around exhale Gramercy and do some administrative Mind Body Manager work. Around 4:30pm, I walk over to exhale Flatiron, have a snack, and then teach the 5:30pm CFX class and the 6:40pm Core Fusion Barre express class. Afterwards, I stop by a bar in the West Village to meet some friends of mine from school for a quick drink. Finally, I go to the Flea Theater in Tribeca (I am a part of the resident acting company there) and watch a play called The Feast. The show gets out, I take a train home, and hit the hay. God, I love the New York minute!

When I’m not teaching, I take class with: I actually truly take class with all of the exhale teachers. Taking Core Fusion and yoga classes at exhale is mainly what I do to stay in shape and feel strong so if I have free time and I’m by an exhale…I take class! I love Nicole Uribarri’s fun, upbeat energy. I was consistently taking Stefanie Eris’s power yoga after my Core Fusion Sport class Tuesday mornings at 980 last year which was just heavenly…great surf-rock type playlists and mindful, purposeful, challenging flow. When I can get into a Bergen Wheeler class…well, that’s always a fun, sweaty ride. I took Core Fusion Extreme with Madison Wright this past Tuesday and my abs were sore for, legit, 5 days…so there’s that. Finally, obvious shoutout to my roommate and rockstar, Kristin Calabria, whose challenging classes are always laced with these profound lines of wisdom and you’re just like “yeah, I CAN do 20 more pulses!”

When I’m not at exhale: I am auditioning, seeing/making theater, singing, playing music, and hanging out with friends.

Fun Fact about myself: I am half Irish and half Filipino and can sing one song in Tagalog — “Nandito Ako”. But I wish I spoke Tagalog fluently!

I’ll admit it, my quirk is: Burping way too much.

At my core, I am: Compassionate.

Find me online!

Twitter: @julieannearls

Instagram: @julieannearls