By Christine Bibbo Herr,

Thanks to Gurney’s Montauk, I spent last weekend in The Hamptons sweating by the sea with Exhale, and a few fellow bloggers— Grace, Chase, and Evann. We immersed ourselves in a mix of fitness classes led by Exhale’s EVP of Mind Body Programming, Elisabeth Halfpapp. And, after two days of Core Fusion BarreBootcampYoga, and Power Yoga, I was so inspired to learn more that I signed up for the Exhale Barre Teacher Training program in NYC to hopefully share my practice with others (more on that soon!).

I’ve taken a TON of workout classes over the years, but when I stepped in the studio with Elisabeth, it was a completely different experience than any other I’ve had before. Besides being an amazing inspiration and a burst of positive glowing energy, Elisabeth (and her husband Fred Devito) are the co-creators of the Core Fusion program at Exhale. With an extensive fitness and health background, they always push for correct form and encourage and motivate each and every student to engage and put their full effort into every workout—both mind and body. From stretching to strengthening, I learned safe new ways to condition my body without over-doing it or putting unnecessary stress on my joints and muscles. I feel stronger, recharged and ready to take on new physical challenges.

In between our sweat-seshes we took a Juicing 101 Workshop with Montauk Juice Factory. They explained the differences between juices/smoothies, raw/HPP, and ways to incorporate them into our daily health regime. AND, they deliver to Manhattan, so I’ll def. be sipping on them weekly (stay tuned for some giveaways and fun events coming soon).

This fun, fit, healthy weekend with an ocean view was just what I needed to get motivated to keep moving all winter long. And stay tuned for more on my Exhale Teacher Training!

For information on upcoming retreats with exhale, click here!