By Quyen Ly, exhale esthetician + skincare expert extraordinaire

My skincare regimen started when I was very young. I think I’ll always remember my grandmother and aunts yelling and lecturing me about their precious face (which is actually my face, too.) In my youth, whenever I had a flare-up or a pimple, they always knew exactly what was wrong. They would either get me a product to treat it, or use acupressure or herbal soups.

Here’s how they knew what to do: face mapping. It’s a popular method in ancient Chinese medicine that focuses on the different areas of your face and, judging by the location of the acne or flare-up, can clue you in to what’s wrong inside your body.

Our skin is the biggest organ of your body, so if something is wrong on the inside, your skin will show it on the outside. Whether it’s a breakout, a rash, or a change of skin tone, your skin will find a way of letting you know if something’s gone wrong.

Here’s a map I illustrated to show what the different areas of your face are trying to tell you:

Face mapping

The knowledge that my grandmother and aunts taught me as a young girl has been beneficial in my career as an esthetician and what makes me different. I blend my Eastern + Western knowledge and methods to achieve optimal skin success.

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