By: Robert MacDonald, exhale’s rockstar acupuncturist and National Director of Healing

Intention is everything.

This Valentine’s Day, we think it’s time to give your inner sweetheart a little love.

Perhaps it sounds a little corny, but hear me out: too often at this time of year, we are hyper-focused on having the “perfect” relationship – so focused that we lose sight of our own intention. But luckily, the sentiments of this little holiday can be turned into a meaningful tool to manifest the conscious “intention” of love into your own life, in a beautiful and meaningful way.

So amid all the cupids, candy hearts and love notes, take a moment to tap into your true love intention this Valentine’s Day with a simple meditation:

Take a few minutes to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, settle in to your body, and call up an image of your loving intention.

Think of the person(s) you want to direct your heart towards, explore the feelings that come up when you think of them as your valentine.

Now let that image and those feeling swell up within you like a big Valentines Heart balloon, and when it’s full, send that out into the world as your loving intention.

Sound easy? It is! But trust me… your valentine will get the message.