A facial isn’t just great for your skin – this soothing and results-oriented spa therapy packs scientifically proven benefits.  

  Slash Your Stress Levels During a facial, your parasympathetic nervous system gets a boost. And studies prove facials significantly reduce anxiety and negative moods. Treat Acne, Fine Lines, and More Our expert estheticians evaluate your skin and customize your facial to suit your needs – using antioxidant-packed products, light therapy, and practices that stimulate the production of collagen. Anti-Aging Facials boost collagen and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Boost Circulation When the blood vessels under the surface of your skin have poor circulation, it shows on your face. When you get a facial, it boosts circulation, allowing naturally-occuring nutrients to enrich your skin. Exfoliate Your esthetician knows how to gently reveal bright, new skin underneath a layer of dead skin cells and gunk that accumulate in your pores (gross!). Get More Out of Your Routine Facials prep your skin to absorb all your beauty products in your routine more effectively. Yes, you read that right: regular facials make your daily serum, moisturizer, and face wash more effective. You may have been spending a lot of time and money buying and trying out different skincare products – but true results are more than just finding the right product. Hydrate Dry skin can come from cold winters, hot showers, itchy clothing, harsh soaps, face washes, and more. When your skin is dry, it’s also more prone to wrinkling and signs of aging. Getting a facial guarantees that your skin remains hydrated and doesn’t look dry and flaky. Expert Advice Our best-in-class estheticians can be miracle workers for your face – it’s their career and passion, after all. After your facial, your esthetician will guide you in choosing products that work best for your skin, and how to continue the results at home. Ready to get glowing? Book your next facial here.