By Mir Kamin, Happier.com

Have you written a love note lately? The term “love note” may conjure up a mental image of scented, flowery stationery covered in looping cursive declaring undying devotion. That’s just one kind of love note, though. And hey, if that’s your kind, more power to you! There’s nothing wrong with the traditional declaration of love on fancy paper.

But this week, consider the concept of an “everyday love note.” It doesn’t need to be exotic or beautiful. It needn’t be an epic missive or for a special occasion. Everyone loves a reminder that they’re loved and appreciated, and sharing your feelings this way gives you a mood bump, too. So consider one of these simple methods for infusing a bit of happiness into any regular day:

Post-it notes. How do I love Post-It notes? Let me count the ways. Actually, don’t let me count the ways, because we’ll be here until next week. Post-it notes are cheap, handy, and the perfect way to pop a sentiment into unexpected places. Put one on the mirror for your significant other or kids to find (“You’re awesome!”), stick one on a colleague’s monitor (“Thanks for your help yesterday!”), heck, carry a pad around and leave a general feel-good sentiment anywhere you think folks could use a smile (“Hey, it’s a beautiful day!”).

Beginner: The napkin note. If you pack lunches for your family, a goofy drawing or silly joke on a disposable napkin will take you just a few seconds, but is guaranteed to bring a smile to the lunch-eater upon discovery.

Advanced: Food notes. Feel like raising the bar beyond the napkin note? Use a toothpick to “write” a note on a banana (by lunchtime, the peel will darken where you’ve pressed), or use a Sharpie on a hard-boiled egg shell or orange peel. Once you start looking for places to hide messages inside a lunch bag, the possibilities open up (and I’ve yet to meet the kid who wasn’t delighted by the hunt and discovery of ‘em, either).

Siri is a romantic. In a world of iPhones and other smart devices, it only takes a little creativity to make sure your loved ones know you’re thinking of them even when you’re apart. If you’re sweet, maybe Siri issues a reminder midday that you think they’re swell. If you’re a little twisted, well, maybe Siri starts referring to your loved one by a new name, like “The Best Person Ever” or “Beloved But Incapable of Putting Down the Toilet Seat.” Either way.

The one-liner. Whether you send a “just thinking of you” text or tuck a fortune cookie fortune into a sock drawer, it only takes a few words to let someone know they matter to you. The method is a lot less important than just doing it.

Go on—write a few love notes this week. They’re guaranteed smile-spreaders.

Originally published on Happier.com.