Stress has numerous adverse affects on the body. It increases your body’s cortisol levels. It makes you crave sugary or fatty food. It can disrupt your sleep. Stress affects every aspect of your life, including your skin. I see many guests who need solutions for chronic breakouts, dark circles, and lackluster skin. And often, all of these issues are the result of too much stress. Here are some ways to combat the affects of stress on your skin.
The increase in cortisol can cause an increase in oil production, which often results in stress breakouts. If you can’t minimize your stress, you can at least control your oil production. Try Sircuit Savior cleanser a few times a week. It has salicylic acid in it, which can combat oiliness.
Your body metabolizes nutrients faster during times of high stress, which often leads to a dull, sallow complexion. Since stress often drives us to eat foods that are not so healthy, grab a red or green juice from BluePrint for quick replenishment. Plus the extra dose of veggies will nourish your skin from the inside out. You can nourish your skin topically with Sircuit Addict serum. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, your skin will quickly become addicted, and you won’t want to give up your glow.
We all know that nothing gets your heart pumping like a Core Fusion class. Working out in class neutralizes negative effects of stress, as well as creating more positive effects from the endorphins. But getting blood pumping will also increase the color in the cheeks, getting you glowing. If you can’t make as many classes as you’d like in a week, check out the PolyVitamin serum from iS Clinical. It uses niacinamide, which also stimulates blood flow, reviving sallow complexions. It also decreases the appearance of pores, darks spots, and fine lines.
I hear people comment all the time that they don’t have time in their busy lives to get a facial, but I see it as the ultimate way to multi-task. You get time to relax and relieve some of the negative effects of stress on your body, as well as giving your skin some needed TLC, restoring your glow and nourishing your skin. This March, we are offering you a new therapy, the Illuminate facial, to help get you glowing again. This sensory facial features an effervescent citric acid peel to resurface and detoxify, as well as massage to ease the tension in your shoulders and face. Speak to an esthetician today about whether this facial is right for you, and take our gift of $50 off.

Shannon Jones is a licensed esthetician and regular yogini. She is the lead at exhale Upper East Side and a trainer in New York City. She blogs about all things skin and beauty at Follow her on Twitter at @PracSkin.