Part of maintaining your sense of total wellbeing lies in the way you maintain your happiness. Often times, the first step in boosting a mood comes directly from our mindset. Mindset has the power to shift the course of the entire day. A good mindset can mean a good day. A bad mindset can mean a bad day. Sounds simple, right? Well truthfully, maintaining that mindset can be hard. Life has a million and one things to throw at us each and every day, and it’s up to us to use the power of our mindset to fight off negativity and anxiety. To help keep that mindset in check, and our happiness levels high, here are some mood-boosting actions you can take right now!

Take Care of Your Body
Getting your blood pumping and your muscles moving is one of the quickest ways to boost your mood. Hello endorphins and hello strong attitude. We all have time for a quick 15-minute virtual workout. Plus…this month we’re giving you a little something extra…..
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Prioritize your Zen
You-time must not be underestimated. An hour of calm leads to days of balance ahead. For maximized wellbeing, we recommend a monthly spa session. In honor of the month of (self) love, how does a complimentary therapy sound? A facial to get you glowing or a massage to roll out the stress?
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Spread the Love & Black-Owned Business
In honor of Black History Month, we’re sharing some of our favorite Black-Owned wellness brands to help you broaden your self-care horizons! More brands, more happiness, more love. Just in time for Valentine’s Day shopping.

I+I Botanicals
Good for the Body, Good for the Earth, Good for the Soul. American-grown, lab tested CBS with clean, responsibly sourced ingredients! All skin-types, lots of results.

The Cristalline
Multi-faceted lifestyle service to help you create balanced energy in all aspects of your life. Skincare meets crystal healing to give you this dream-like wellness brand.

Bifties Gifts
This brand brings the positivity with curated gift boxes filled with all Black-owned brands! Support small business and spread the love with a Bifties Gift Box!

Eat Right
Healthy portions, hearty ingredients, and a balanced routine. When you’re eating right, you’re feeling right. Get started with an Exhale Nutrition consultation and enjoy the benefits of higher energy, better rest, and a stronger sense of happiness.
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Mindful Meditation brings you back into touch with every aspect of your consciousness. By letting go and clearing your mind, you tap into that sense of elevated positivity that gets you through the challenges of your day. Try an Exhale On Demand meditation session once a day for a whole week, and see for yourself how your mood improves!
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