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By: Dr. Robert MacDonald, National Director of Healing 1. SIMPLE MEDITATIONUse this quick mindfulness technique to help focus (or refocus), and notice how your energy shifts towards empowered positivity. Take ten seconds to close your eyes. Inhale and exhale. Visualize a color (or a mantra of your choice) – picture it in your mind’s eye. Let it fill you. Then open your eyes. 2.  AFTER-WORK RESET: Perfect for your after-work commute, this super-simple meditation helps you reset from the work day. Take a moment to gather yourself and become present (breathing, noticing your body). Now, taking a slow mindful breath in, imagine all of the challenges and stressors of the day. Now slowly exhaling, let
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We’ve all heard it a million times: getting enough sleep helps you lose weight, manage stress, and combats the big bad guys like heart disease and depression. But it’s not always easy to get some solid shut-eye — that’s why we’re hoping this bedtime meditation from our resident mindfulness expert, Robert MacDonald, will do the trick. Sleep Meditation by Robert MacDonald copyright © Exhale Enterprises 2016 All Licensing for added footage and music under Creative Commons.Running Waters by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Http:// | Lengthened from original duration.Timescapes 001 - Sky, Sunsets, Storm, Moon - free Creative Commons time-lapse and slow raw footage.  CC by Debate FilmsBeachfront
Meet the Recovery Class, by Exhale
Amidst today’s bustling societal climate, people are truly beginning to prioritize the quality of their wellbeing. This means that balance, in all aspects of life, is a necessity. When we work out, we put stress on our muscles. In order to fully replenish and get stronger with every workout, you need to recover accordingly.   Enter: Exhale Recovery   Our newest class, which launches nationally the week of September 16, is designed to revive, restore, and rebalance your body after a tough workout through elements of active stretch, myofascial release therapy, and mindful meditation. And trust us (because we got a sneak peek of the class) — it’s everything you didn’t know you
Everything you want to know about Exhale's Floating Meditation, straight from the creator, Elisabeth Halfpapp. Plus, a special Meditation Month offer at the bottom of this post!   A weightless surrendering to yourself as you tune out and float effortlessly in a 30-minute guided meditation with your body being held and supported in a silk hammock.   The first time I experienced this relaxing, calming effect was at Miraval Arizona (an Exhale's sister resort) as just the meditative component without the restorative poses. When I developed a similar class for Exhale, I thought the addition of restorative stretches after a breathing meditation in stillness would help the physical body surrender deeper with more relaxed muscles
If you are like most people, by the end of winter, you’re feeling a bit run down. To combat this sluggish feeling, keep in mind that change is right around the corner. All around you, nature is on the verge of transformation. Winter’s slow, dormant energy is transforming into springtime’s lively and energetic riot of life!   By cultivating mindfulness around the changing of seasons we consciously and intentionally align with that energy. Here is how we can experience that in a simple and repeatable way.   First, give yourself permission to stop what you’re doing on the periphery. Put down your phone, hands off the keyboard, and just for now, bring