By: Dr. Robert MacDonald, National Director of Healing 1. SIMPLE MEDITATIONUse this quick mindfulness technique to help focus (or refocus), and notice how your energy shifts towards empowered positivity. Take ten seconds to close your eyes. Inhale and exhale. Visualize a color (or a mantra of your choice) – picture it in your mind’s eye. Let it fill you. Then open your eyes. 2.  AFTER-WORK RESET: Perfect for your after-work commute, this super-simple meditation helps you reset from the work day. Take a moment to gather yourself and become present (breathing, noticing your body). Now, taking a slow mindful breath in, imagine all of the challenges and stressors of the day. Now slowly exhaling, let it all go. You can name the stresses of the day on the inhalation’s and the phrase “letting everything go” on the exhalation. Repeat as needed. 3.  PRE-WORKOUT MEDITATION: Start your workout strong – in your mind as well as your body – with this meditation. Take a moment to gather yourself and become present (breathing, noticing your body). Breathing in: “I am awake energized, and ready for a challenge!”. Then exhale: “I am strong, powerful, I’m going to crush this workout!”. 4.  STRESS-LESS: The anytime stress-buster you need in your life. Check in with your body and your breath, noticing any mental of physical tension. Now breath in with that awareness, and exhale saying (and doing) “I let go of stress and tension. On the following inhalation think to yourself “I am in this moment”. Repeat as necessary. …And when in doubt, repeat after us: “let it go.” In times of stress, or higher than normal anxiety, a mindful moment combined with an empowered mantra can change your attitude and your energy.