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By: Dr. Robert MacDonald, National Director of Healing 1. SIMPLE MEDITATIONUse this quick mindfulness technique to help focus (or refocus), and notice how your energy shifts towards empowered positivity. Take ten seconds to close your eyes. Inhale and exhale. Visualize a color (or a mantra of your choice) – picture it in your mind’s eye. Let it fill you. Then open your eyes. 2.  AFTER-WORK RESET: Perfect for your after-work commute, this super-simple meditation helps you reset from the work day. Take a moment to gather yourself and become present (breathing, noticing your body). Now, taking a slow mindful breath in, imagine all of the challenges and stressors of the day. Now slowly exhaling, let
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by: madison wright, msblog coordinator + core fusion teacher Say namaste to National Yoga Month with exhale’s fifth annual yoga party on Thursday, September 24th! Our celebration of yoga, which we’ve appropriately (and cleverly, if we may) designated “namasDAY,” offers complimentary yoga classes (at participating locations) to any and every one! So whether you’re a yogi pro, yogi novice, or never yoga’d before, come and get your yoga flow on with rhythmical beats (in some locations, to a live DJ!) and highly acclaimed yoga teachers. After class enjoy the namasDAY festivities; complimentary mini spa therapies, lite bites, and delicious TY·KU sake. There will also be lots of guest trunk shows for
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