If you are like most people, by the end of winter, you’re feeling a bit run down. To combat this sluggish feeling, keep in mind that change is right around the corner. All around you, nature is on the verge of transformation. Winter’s slow, dormant energy is transforming into springtime’s lively and energetic riot of life!   By cultivating mindfulness around the changing of seasons we consciously and intentionally align with that energy. Here is how we can experience that in a simple and repeatable way.   First, give yourself permission to stop what you’re doing on the periphery. Put down your phone, hands off the keyboard, and just for now, bring all of your attention to this moment, and to this breath.   Put your feet flat on the floor, sit up straight in your seat, close your eyes, and take a few deep cleansing breaths.   As you exhale, let your mind’s eye see all the evidence of the changing season, all around you.   Notice how leaves are bursting forth on tree branches, and flowers appearing as if by magic.   All of nature is transitioning from a state of dormancy, to a state of new life, productivity and energy. And so are you.   As you continue to breathe in, breathe in that energy. As you breathe out, let that sluggish winter energy go. Breathe in awakened life, breathe your way out the slow and dormant energy of winter.   Feel your own awakening energy coursing through your veins, feeding your creativity and productivity.   As a touchstone, allow yourself to notice the awakening of nature all around you. Connect to it. Be a part of it. Breathe it in and be it.   Now, when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes and welcome springtime inside and out!