At exhale, we practice gratitude all year…but Thanksgiving is a time to savor it. Read what exhale’s Core Fusion co-founders, Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, are grateful for this year.

Elisabeth is grateful for…
1. Having the opportunity to make positive changes in people’s lives through teaching exhale core fusion and yoga
2. Teaching barre for 35 years!
3. Continuing to spend my life with the love of my life and business partner, Fred DeVito
4. Continuing to grow with my teaching
5. Spending time with my close family and friends on thanksgiving

Fred is grateful for…
1. Turning 60 this year with the energy of someone who is 40
2. My drive to be peaceful in my heart and loving to all who cross my path
3. Seeing others perspective and honoring points of view other than my own
4. The privilege of loving my work and the people who are in my daily life
5. Knowing that I need to live in the moment with an open mind and open heart
6. Having a blessed Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends!