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Wellbeing encompasses a diverse workout routine, an emphasis on recovery, and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Live your best life with the Exhale prescription. Enjoy this downloadable, printable, and screenshot-worthy tracker to help  you stay on track with your wellbeing goals. Download the printable tracker. Download the Insta Stories size.  
The sun is out, the weather is sizzling hot and the beach is calling us! We always want to be fully prepared when we hit the beach, so that we don’t find ourselves stranded in the sand without sunscreen or even worse… without snacks! To help you get on your best beach game, we’ve curated a list of fabulous essentials to always keep in your beach bag, so you’ll never go hungry, thirsty, burnt or bored! Beach please!!   Lather up Protect your skin from the rays and keep reapplying throughout the day!   Beach workout anyone? Tune into an Exhale On Demand workout on your phone or iPad and fit in a cardio