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by Kayleigh Pleas, Core Fusion teacher

The number of self-help books topping the New York Times Best Seller List every week is a testament to society’s desperation for wellbeing. Flourishing is the term psychologists use to describe individuals who function at extraordinarily high levels psychologically and socially. These individuals experience a strong sense of meaning and purpose in their lives, are deeply engaged with their families, work, and communities, and are remarkably resilient to life’s inevitable hardships. Sadly, only 1 in 5 Americans are flourishing. Most of us are skimming the surface of our lives, stuck in rigid routines, yearning for something more.

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After months of staying home, many of us have had the pleasure of watching our brows grow and evolve into a natural and untamed state. Although our eyebrows may resemble something straight out of National Geographic…this grown out state poses the perfect opportunity for some at-home shape up action. Before you go and tweeze away all the hard work that your Exhale wax expert has put into sculpting your brows to perfectly frame your face, let’s talk about some basic rules to follow when grooming during quarantine. National Spa Director, Rachael Gallo, gives us all of the info we need before getting at our brows!

Let’s start with the most important question: waxing or tweezing? Your skin type as well as the nature of your skincare routine will determine which is the best option for your at-home clean up.

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We all know how important it is for the wellbeing of our skin, to receive regular facials. Regular facials give your skin the routine cleaning that it needs, rejuvenating your pores and hydrating your complexion. In order to maintain a consistent glow and an overall feeling of self-confidence and calming satisfaction, it’s important to set your skin on the facial routine it craves.

Above all, the health and safety of our wellbeing community is the ultimate foundation for all of our Exhale offerings. Since you and your pores deserve both the safest and the most effective facial possible, Exhale has innovated the way that you experience a facial – holding your safety and health as the top-most priority, without compromising an ounce of results.

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Once again, we find ourselves at a shift in the seasons. The air is becoming crisper, the days are ending earlier, and that sweet summer magic is coming to a close. As many of us know, these changes can have a significant effect on us, both emotionally and physically. In order to continue to maintain our best selves throughout these changes, it’s important to put a little extra attention on our self-care and our total wellbeing.

That’s right. We’re turning our attention inward to make sure our inner and outer glow stays exactly where it is. Much like our mood, our skin is sensitive to change. When the summer ends, temperature and humidity go down. As a result, our skin works harder to maintain hydration. Additionally, months of sweat, oils, and bacteria have left out skin feeling congested and imbalanced.

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Life can be stressful. We all have days where we feel the weight of the things around us, and the busyness of our days catches up with us. In order to maintain the best versions of ourselves, we have to carve out time to focus on our wellbeing. Restoring our inner and outer balance can bring an amazing sense of relief, refreshment, and overall happiness. Both our body and our mind need therapeutic attention in order to work as one in a powerful and positive way. This month, we are giving our guests the choice of a dynamic duo of therapies that will target and release built-up tension while restoring our inner and outer strength.

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When “life happens”….we see it right on our skin. The stress that builds up throughout our day-to-day lives often shows itself through breakouts on our face. Dirt, oils, and sweat accumulate on the skin and settle deep into our pores. If we don’t use the right products to clean our skin and target these problem areas, the breakouts will keep resurfacing and we will move farther away from that glorious glow we all crave. Additionally, when we wear masks, the friction and heat caused by the covering poses an extra irritation to our skin. That’s why Dr. Dennis Gross has launched a series of new skincare kits that target breakouts at the source to keep our skin clean and clear! We can’t wait to get into these.

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Full, feathered arches are one of the most coveted attributes these days. Women go to great lengths to achieve their desired results, from eyebrow enhancing makeup, microblading treatments, and even eyebrow extensions (yes, it’s a thing). Luckily, you don’t need a doctor’s appointment or invasive treatments for strong, healthy, beautiful brows – in fact, the key to the brows of your dreams might just be a brow conditioner or serum. Yet with so many on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, there are many reasons to love our iconic brow serum, RevitaBrow® Advanced, including its origin story, its accolades, and its ingredients. Here are 5 reasons to try RevitaBrow Advanced:


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By Sophie Barnett, exhale guest + fitness enthusiast

I’m a long time devotee of all things Core Fusion, so when the new Core Fusion Extreme (CFX) class came out, I had to give it a try—and I certainly was not disappointed! In this post, I’ll address the most common questions surrounding taking CFX for the first time!

Q: Is Core Fusion Extreme just an extreme version of the other Core Fusion classes?

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By Sandy Abrams

Breathwork empowers you to create your best mindset and energy in small moments. It’s meditation at the speed of life. Whether you’re simply not wired for meditation (I hear ya!) or can’t justify the time to sit still, mindful breath offers similar benefits to meditation—but in small moments. It’s science! In this excerpt from my book Breathe to Succeed, Morgan Cerf of Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University says, “Breathing at different paces or paying careful attention to the breaths…were shown to engage different parts of the brain. Humans’ ability to control and regulate their brain is unique…These abilities are not trivial. When breathing changed with the exercises, the brain changed as well…These findings provide neural support for advice individuals have been given for millennia: during times of stress, or when heightened concentration is needed, focusing on one’s breath or doing breathing exercises can indeed change the brain.” When your mind and body are aligned utilizing mindful breath tools, you’ll have more clarity, better focus, elevated creativity and a boost in performance and productivity.

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This year, we’ve had a lot of things working against our skin. We’ve had masks and stress galore, and we all know what these factors can do to the quality of our skin. Oils build up, bacteria seeps into the skin, breakouts surface, and the stress continues! To break out of that pesky cycle of breakouts and irregularity, we’re giving you all of our top pics for Exhale facials that will not only keep your skin clear of breakouts, but will help you get on track for preventing fine lines, clogged pores, and any other skin concerns you may have!

Whether you’re looking to escape for a spa day at Exhale, or you’re more comfortable getting your glow on from home, we have both in-person and virtual facial offerings that will give you the professional attention you deserve…wherever you are.

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