We all know how important it is for the wellbeing of our skin, to receive regular facials. Regular facials give your skin the routine cleaning that it needs, rejuvenating your pores and hydrating your complexion. In order to maintain a consistent glow and an overall feeling of self-confidence and calming satisfaction, it’s important to set your skin on the facial routine it craves.

Above all, the health and safety of our wellbeing community is the ultimate foundation for all of our Exhale offerings. Since you and your pores deserve both the safest and the most effective facial possible, Exhale has innovated the way that you experience a facial – holding your safety and health as the top-most priority, without compromising an ounce of results.

We’re breaking down the recent enhancements we’ve added to our Exhale facials, that give you the peace of mind you need to fully enjoy your much-needed zen.

During Your Facial

  • Therapists wear mask, face shields, and gloves throughout entire facial.
  • As a guest, you will wear your mask up until facial begins. You will then be given the option to leave it on throughout the facial. If so, the therapist will work around the mask to target high-congested areas of the skin.
  • Reduced steam time and adjusted positioning so the steam flows down the face and does not create congestion for guest.

Overall Health & Safety

  • All guests undergo health checks upon arrival and will have temperatures taken.
  • Exhale has increased air filtration in all rooms per CDC guidelines
    • Replaced all filers
    • Opened fresh air valves to reduce recirculated air
    • Implemented Hepa filters where needed
  • Enforcement of existing and updated medical grade sanitation procedures:
    • All Therapists have been certified from Barbicide- the leading medical disinfectant provider
    • Enforce use of the same disinfectant used at Hospitals to target and eliminate fungai, bacteria and viruses
  • Regulate the number of guests in the Exhale location
  • Enforce distanced waiting areas
  • Implement the use UV disinfectant lamps to sterilize all equipment used

Our goal is to make sure that your wellbeing destination is just as enjoyable as it has always been, while incorporating the best health and safety procedures to mitigate any risk, keep your mind at ease, and above all….keep you safe and healthy. Now, it’s time for that facial. We’ll see you at the spa.