Once again, we find ourselves at a shift in the seasons. The air is becoming crisper, the days are ending earlier, and that sweet summer magic is coming to a close. As many of us know, these changes can have a significant effect on us, both emotionally and physically. In order to continue to maintain our best selves throughout these changes, it’s important to put a little extra attention on our self-care and our total wellbeing.

That’s right. We’re turning our attention inward to make sure our inner and outer glow stays exactly where it is. Much like our mood, our skin is sensitive to change. When the summer ends, temperature and humidity go down. As a result, our skin works harder to maintain hydration. Additionally, months of sweat, oils, and bacteria have left out skin feeling congested and imbalanced.

Now is the time to show your skin the love it deserves. Where do we start? Enter: The Glow Body Scrub.

The Glow Body Scrub + Massage polishes your skin like magic and restores your zen from the inside out by combining dry brushing and body scrubbing techniques to exfoliate the skin, improve circulation, and boost hydration. This signature therapy combines the detoxifying results of a body scrub with the healing and de-stressing powers of a massage of your choice to jump start the new season.


How can I keep up my glow at home?

In order to maintain your skin’s balance, hydration and circulation all season long, it’s important to keep up the brushing magic from home. An Exhale Body Brush is the perfect ingredient for a new and improved skincare routine for the fall season. Some of the overall benefits of regular body brushing are:

– Removes dead skin

– Opens and cleans pores for exfoliation

– Increases blood circulation

– Drains lymphatic system – reduces inflammation

– Reduces cellulite

– Natural Energy Boost

When scrubbing your skin, always apply in a circular motion to stimulate cells and creates a criss cross sensation that maximizes the benefits of exfoliation. Use your Exhale Body Brush before, during, or after a warm shower, depending on what you’re in the mood for. Apply a rejuvenating moisturizer after you scrub, and take advantage of the relaxing side effects by doing so close to bed-time. You’ll feel refreshed, detoxified and fully relaxed from head to toe. Now…doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to welcome the cozy fall season? We certainly think so.