This year, we’ve had a lot of things working against our skin. We’ve had masks and stress galore, and we all know what these factors can do to the quality of our skin. Oils build up, bacteria seeps into the skin, breakouts surface, and the stress continues! To break out of that pesky cycle of breakouts and irregularity, we’re giving you all of our top pics for Exhale facials that will not only keep your skin clear of breakouts, but will help you get on track for preventing fine lines, clogged pores, and any other skin concerns you may have!

Whether you’re looking to escape for a spa day at Exhale, or you’re more comfortable getting your glow on from home, we have both in-person and virtual facial offerings that will give you the professional attention you deserve…wherever you are.

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Detox Facial
Give your skin the ultimate overhaul. Through a combination of the Pure liquid peeling system of Alpha Beta® Acid Technology and medically proven exfoliating enzymes, we’ll eliminate surface dullness while dramatically improving texture and tone. Perfect for uneven, acne prone, or oily/combination skin types, this powerful detox will leave your skin glowing and nourished.

Power Facial
Perfectly customizable for powerful results. This facial therapy adapts to fit your every concern — from acne to aging to sun damage — while you experience complete tranquility. It begins with a specially selected exfoliating mask to prepare your skin for extraction and detoxification, and concludes with either our Cool Beam or Ultrasonic therapies based on your desired result. Skin is invigorated, hydrated, and smooth.

True Facial
Tried and true! A thorough cleansing and application of a custom enzyme exfoliation perfectly preps the skin for complexion detox. Careful extractions* follow — made as painless as possible by our skilled estheticians — and then a soothing mask, selected specifically for your skin type is applied. Your face will feel refreshed and restored, and you’ll feel ready to face the day. It’s “truly” amazing!

Cool Beam Facial
Enjoy an incredibly relaxing facial therapy as you repair years of skin damage, pain-free. In each Cool Beam session, a healing light is applied to the face, with particular focus on fine lines, sun spots, breakouts, and irritation. The antibacterial light sparks the production of collagen, softening fine lines as it gently reduces inflammation, diminishes acne, and hydrates. Suitable for any age and every skin type!

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Now…let’s get virtual!

Fire and Ice Virtual Facial
Rejuvenate your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the powerful sensation of iS Clinical Fire and Ice products!

Dr Gross Detox Facial
Eliminate dirt, oils, and bacteria to reveal a hydrated glow! The Virtual Detox Facial gives your skin the professional detox it deserves using top-of-the-line Dr Dennis Gross products.

Exhale Virtual True Facial
A personalized virtual facial that gives you a curated set of skincare products to meet your individual needs! No matter what your concern, we’ll help you target and treat.

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