By Sandy Abrams

Breathwork empowers you to create your best mindset and energy in small moments. It’s meditation at the speed of life. Whether you’re simply not wired for meditation (I hear ya!) or can’t justify the time to sit still, mindful breath offers similar benefits to meditation—but in small moments. It’s science! In this excerpt from my book Breathe to Succeed, Morgan Cerf of Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University says, “Breathing at different paces or paying careful attention to the breaths…were shown to engage different parts of the brain. Humans’ ability to control and regulate their brain is unique…These abilities are not trivial. When breathing changed with the exercises, the brain changed as well…These findings provide neural support for advice individuals have been given for millennia: during times of stress, or when heightened concentration is needed, focusing on one’s breath or doing breathing exercises can indeed change the brain.” When your mind and body are aligned utilizing mindful breath tools, you’ll have more clarity, better focus, elevated creativity and a boost in performance and productivity.

There are also many health and wellbeing benefits to integrating simple breathwork into your daily routine: reduce anxiety, decrease negative thoughts, lower blood pressure, empower yourself to create your optimal mindset in any moment—rather than letting your devices dictate where your attention goes. There’s a breath for every energy that you want to manifest from calming to kick a**!  Mindful breath is a catalyst to reconnect to your best self in small moments—anywhere, anytime!

I’ve worked with Exhale to curate some Breathwork tools for you to begin to experience how breath transforms energy fast and effectively. Each technique has many different applications; whether at work or in your personal life for optimal energy/performance and to be more present and mindfully connected and engaged. Use breathwork whenever you need energetic/emotional support. The key is to make the breathwork your own. Do what feels good to you so that you want to come back to breathwork day after day. I’ve been doing this for 30 years and it never gets old. It always delivers. Before you know it–your body will crave the nourishing/empowering feeling of mindful breath and you’ll enjoy being self-aware of your mood, mindset and energy. Breathwork is about small moments of recalibration.

“When you own your breath nobody can steal your peace.” — Anonymous.

Breathwork Series: Intro to Breathwork
Most people breathe only in a default shallow/autopilot mode which can cause low grade chronic stress. Breathwork is the catalyst for creating your best mindset and energy… in small moments. It’s science! Take back control of your attention and mindset! 

Breathwork Series: Relaxed and Calm in Minutes
Bring on the Relaxation! Sandy shows you a specific way to breathe that taps into your parasympathetic nervous system (AKA the rest and digest system) so you feel calm and grounded in a matter of minutes.

Breathwork Series: Alternate Nostril for Balance and Focus
Believe it or not, your nostrils play a role in how you feel! Alternating breath into the left and right nostrils balances the left (analytical/logical) and right (creative) sides of the brain. Find your equanimity!

Breathwork Series: Let Go of Negative Energy
Introducing your mind/body reset button! Sandy teaches you how to use “Lion’s Breath” to immediately release negative or stagnant energy. Everybody over the age of 3 should know and love “Lion’s Breath!”  

Breathwork Series: Cultivating Positivity
Thoughts matter, so breathe into positive thoughts that get you closer to your goals! Three deep breaths is game changing on its own, but when paired with an optimistic and empowering thought you can tell your body how you want to feel. Breathe and believe!  

Breathwork Series: Express’Om Boost of Energy
Energy comes in the form of breathwork! Save that afternoon espresso budget and breathe your way into a boost of natural adrenaline.

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