When “life happens”….we see it right on our skin. The stress that builds up throughout our day-to-day lives often shows itself through breakouts on our face. Dirt, oils, and sweat accumulate on the skin and settle deep into our pores. If we don’t use the right products to clean our skin and target these problem areas, the breakouts will keep resurfacing and we will move farther away from that glorious glow we all crave. Additionally, when we wear masks, the friction and heat caused by the covering poses an extra irritation to our skin. That’s why Dr. Dennis Gross has launched a series of new skincare kits that target breakouts at the source to keep our skin clean and clear! We can’t wait to get into these.

The Mask-Ne Minimizing Facial KIT
These products focus on issues caused by the continuous wear of a mask which include breakouts, congestion, dry and sensitive skin. 

Mask-Ne Facial Kit Includes:
Alpha Beta Pore Perfecting Cleanser
30-day Universal Peel 
Clarifying Mask
DLX size Pore Perfecting Moisturizer

The Stress KIT
These products focus on issues caused by the environmental stresses to our skin. Fight back with this potent skin-strengthening treatment featuring the concentrated corrective power of adaptogens and superfoods. Enhanced by ultra-gentle Sensitive Skin Alpha Beta® Professional exfoliating treatment, this relaxation-inducing facial gently smooths skin texture, while it reduces redness, boosts skin’s immunity and resistance to stressors and alleviates symptoms like dullness, worry lines, flare ups and patchy roughness.

Stress Kit:
5 day Sensitive Skin daily peels 
B3 Stress Serum
Full size B3 Stress Moisturizer
Full size B3 Stress Eye Cream

Want to Win?
We’re giving our Exhale Nation the chance to win big with Dr Gross products! Enter for a chance to win a customized Dr Dennis Gross Virtual Facial (including products from the Stress KIT) plus a full set of Stress Kit products ($250 value) to use after your facial!