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A facial isn’t just great for your skin – this soothing and results-oriented spa therapy packs scientifically proven benefits.     Slash Your Stress Levels During a facial, your parasympathetic nervous system gets a boost. And studies prove facials significantly reduce anxiety and negative moods. Treat Acne, Fine Lines, and More Our expert estheticians evaluate your skin and customize your facial to suit your needs – using antioxidant-packed products, light therapy, and practices that stimulate the production of collagen. Anti-Aging Facials boost collagen and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Boost Circulation When the blood vessels under the surface of your skin have poor circulation, it shows on your face. When you get a facial, it boosts circulation,
When “life happens”….we see it right on our skin. The stress that builds up throughout our day-to-day lives often shows itself through breakouts on our face. Dirt, oils, and sweat accumulate on the skin and settle deep into our pores. If we don’t use the right products to clean our skin and target these problem areas, the breakouts will keep resurfacing and we will move farther away from that glorious glow we all crave. Additionally, when we wear masks, the friction and heat caused by the covering poses an extra irritation to our skin. That’s why Dr. Dennis Gross has launched a series of new skincare kits that target breakouts
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This year, we’ve had a lot of things working against our skin. We’ve had masks and stress galore, and we all know what these factors can do to the quality of our skin. Oils build up, bacteria seeps into the skin, breakouts surface, and the stress continues! To break out of that pesky cycle of breakouts and irregularity, we’re giving you all of our top pics for Exhale facials that will not only keep your skin clear of breakouts, but will help you get on track for preventing fine lines, clogged pores, and any other skin concerns you may have! Whether you’re looking to escape for a spa day at
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By: Susan TombackVP of Sales and Marketing We’ve all heard the phrase “pH balanced,” but what does that mean to us in the world of skincare? Potential of hydrogen, or pH, measures the amount of acidity or alkalinity in a substance, and since our bodies are composed of over 70% water, this is an important element to watch. Though the general rule is that maintaining a slightly alkaline environment in the body helps to prevent disease, as bacteria and viruses, even malignant cells, cannot survive in an alkaline environment (drink your Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, people!), the opposite is true for the skin. The body’s ideal pH is around 7.4
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By Quyen Ly, exhale esthetician + skincare extraordinaire You've seen it in magazines, social media, and it seems like the newbie on the beauty scene – but if you thought double cleansing was created to dupe you into buying more products, let us enlighten you. It’s quite the opposite, actually. The method is actually centuries-old, and has been popular in Japan, Korea and China for hundreds of years. Recently, it has grown popular here in the states. Double cleansing is exactly what you might have guessed. It means washing your face twice with two different types of cleansers: an oil cleanser or balm first, and next with a water-based cleanser. Usually,
Exhale Expert: Rachael Gallo We all want to wake up every morning and look in the mirror at a face that is glowing and radiant. Attaining radiant and balanced skin depends greatly on the routine that you put together to take care of it. Your skincare routine can bring you more than just visual results, but it can bring a sense of serenity, rejuvenation and an elusive sense of total wellbeing. Struggling with pesky breakouts and excess oils or the inevitable process of aging are the natural elements that make up the individuality of our skin. The best way to give your skin the treatment it needs (especially when you’re
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As we continue to journey through uncertain times, we’ve come to find new ways that enliven our sense of wellbeing. Maintaining our day-to-day lives right at home brings us new opportunities to tap into the simplest but most effective forms of self-care. Taking the time to focus on the things that bring you balance, strength, and happiness can bring you a whole new level of wellbeing. We’ve curated a bundle of essentials that gives you everything you need for a full day of total zen and self-care. Start up the bath, grab your robe, shut off your phone, and get ready for a rejuvenating day of you. Set the atmosphereExhale's "The
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There is a magical ingredient on our skincare horizons that is making glowing strides in hydration, complexion, and anti-aging. Enter: Hyaluronic Acid. This versatile molecule exists naturally in our skin to hold water and maintain balanced moisture. Similar to collagen, our bodies stop producing the substance after a certain age, so it becomes increasingly important to supplement the loss of hyaluronic acid by incorporating it into our daily skincare routines. To better understand all of the different ways that this magical substance can increase the appearance and overall health of our skin, we sat down with Mar McCown, Esthetician at Exhale NoMad, to hear what she has to say about H.A.! What
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Did you know that the skin is the human body’s largest organ? It works hard day in and day out to protect your body from harmful elements in your surroundings, like germs and toxic substances, the cold and sun rays, and more. You may not care too much about it, but take a quick look at your face or body, and you’ll realize how much you pay attention to your skin. It’s high time that you give your skin the proper attention and love it needs. Help your skin do its job more effectively and efficiently for longer by developing a skincare routine. Here are a few reasons why you