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By Quyen Ly, exhale esthetician + skincare extraordinaire You've seen it in magazines, social media, and it seems like the newbie on the beauty scene – but if you thought double cleansing was created to dupe you into buying more products, let us enlighten you. It’s quite the opposite, actually. The method is actually centuries-old, and has been popular in Japan, Korea and China for hundreds of years. Recently, it has grown popular here in the states. Double cleansing is exactly what you might have guessed. It means washing your face twice with two different types of cleansers: an oil cleanser or balm first, and next with a water-based cleanser. Usually,
There is a magical ingredient on our skincare horizons that is making glowing strides in hydration, complexion, and anti-aging. Enter: Hyaluronic Acid. This versatile molecule exists naturally in our skin to hold water and maintain balanced moisture. Similar to collagen, our bodies stop producing the substance after a certain age, so it becomes increasingly important to supplement the loss of hyaluronic acid by incorporating it into our daily skincare routines. To better understand all of the different ways that this magical substance can increase the appearance and overall health of our skin, we sat down with Mar McCown, Esthetician at Exhale NoMad, to hear what she has to say about H.A.! What
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