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As summer continues to blossom, we continue to combat feelings of doubt and stress when it comes to unnecessary “summer body” pressure. This mindset can easily take away from the experiences that you should be enjoying and the confidence within you. When it comes to feeling confident in a swimsuit, we like to focus on developing feel-good prep and self-love practices that will help us to embrace what we already possess, while polishing up our internal glow. Here are some ways to give your confidence a skyrocketing boost before hitting the beach in your suit.   Pick a suit that makes YOU feel comfortable. There are no rules or restrictions
The sun is out, the weather is sizzling hot and the beach is calling us! We always want to be fully prepared when we hit the beach, so that we don’t find ourselves stranded in the sand without sunscreen or even worse… without snacks! To help you get on your best beach game, we’ve curated a list of fabulous essentials to always keep in your beach bag, so you’ll never go hungry, thirsty, burnt or bored! Beach please!!   Lather up Protect your skin from the rays and keep reapplying throughout the day!   Beach workout anyone? Tune into an Exhale On Demand workout on your phone or iPad and fit in a cardio