The sun is out, the weather is sizzling hot and the beach is calling us! We always want to be fully prepared when we hit the beach, so that we don’t find ourselves stranded in the sand without sunscreen or even worse… without snacks! To help you get on your best beach game, we’ve curated a list of fabulous essentials to always keep in your beach bag, so you’ll never go hungry, thirsty, burnt or bored! Beach please!!   Lather up Protect your skin from the rays and keep reapplying throughout the day!   Beach workout anyone? Tune into an Exhale On Demand workout on your phone or iPad and fit in a cardio sweat sesh or a peaceful yoga moment on the beach!   Keep sippin! Keep guzzling the water so you don’t get dehydrated from the sun. If you’re sipping on a cocktail…have double the water!   Read On This twisted, modern love story is everything you could ever want in a summer read. Full of twists and surprises you won’t be able to put this one down. It’s also written by Exhale Teacher, Carola Lovering!   Snacks on snacks! Munch on these hearty and healthy snacks that won’t make you feel gross and that will give you plenty of energy to frolic in the waves.   • Frozen grapes • Veggies and hummus • Caramel Almond & Sea Salt Bars   Throw some shade Every beach babe needs some killer shades. Protect your eyes and look good at the same time!