Hometown: Dallas, TX

What I do at exhale: Mind Body Manager at exhale Midtown Atlanta

My backgroundCore Fusion Teacher, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher

My certifications: ACE, Yoga Alliance 200 RYT, CFTT

Favorite neighborhood spot: Starbucks. I love coffee.

My favorite local restaurant is: Antico and Gio. Great pizza, healthy chicken and salads plus yummy pasta, coffee and dessert in a casual little Italy setting right in the heart of Atlanta!

What’s in my gym bag: extra workout clothes, something to eat and a Perrier.

What song do I have on repeat: Right now…Uptown Funk!

What’s in my refrigerator right now: Lots of salad stuff for lunches, almond butter and frozen fruit for shakes, lean protein, grains and vegies for dinner and ice cream!

My typical day including meals: Depends on the day. Someday I get up early and either take an exhale class or teach. Other days are later so I have some early am computer time or practice yoga at home. I eat a protein bar or a protein shake for breakfast. Maybe fruit/nuts for a snack then teach again around noon each day. I eat a salad with chicken around 1:30/2 to fuel up for the rest of the day. Do a little work in the afternoon, take my dogs for a walk then back to work in the evening teaching, dinner, shower and bed, to start all over again the next day.

When I’m not teaching, I take class with: My girlfriend Tiffany! She’s hardcore like me, I like to be challenged. Any other teacher at exhale that fits into my time schedule. It’s important to make time for yourself. I also like to visit other studios especially when I travel. Gotta keep it fresh.

When I’m not at exhale: I’m at home hanging with Tiffany and the pups, eating good food at local restaurants, getting outside (weather permitting) or doing something fun with friends.

Fun Fact about myself: I used to body build. I have three kids.

I’ll admit it, my quirk is: I’m a clean freak and love to vacuum

At my core, I am: committed and loyal

Find me online!
Twitter: briannanorton5
Instagram: briannanorton