We are thrilled to introduce our second Atlanta location, exhale Avalon and it’s Studio Director, Holly Jones!

Hometown: Las Vegas

What I do at exhale: Studio Director at exhale’s newest location in Alpharetta

My background: Before exhale beauty was my life. I was a full time hairdresser and then I walked into (and fell in love with) exhale Stamford. I knew I had to be part of what was going on there. I took a job as a Guest Experience Associate and loved every minute! Fast forward and my passion and drive led me to becoming Director at Stamford before moving south.

My certifications: Madd Dogg Spin Certified, Core Fusion Teacher

Favorite neighborhood spot: I love the Chattahoochee River Recreation Area in Roswell…it’s the perfect place to go exploring with my pooches.

My favorite local restaurant is: I love the El Felix at Avalon! It’s authentic and fun and loud! The food is delicious and not too heavy and the staff is so wonderful. I love good service anywhere I go and they have it covered! It’s the perfect “let your hair down” spot!

What’s in my gym bag: What don’t I have in there is a better question! I always have extra exhale grippies, cycling shoes, Vega One Hydrator, dry shampoo, my sweet little make up bag with all the essentials, my Lululemon headband (so necessary for cycling class), natural deodorant (obviously), water bottle, my “I am always a student“ notebook (because I love to jot down inspirations I come across for my teaching no matter where I am), an auxiliary cord and my phone charger!

What song do I have on repeat: He Calls me Mama by Maggie Koerner (listen to it, you will love it)…but I love all music! Simple Things by Miguel, anything by Tegan and Sara, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 makes me so happy, and of course everyone knows my favorite song of all time is LA BAMBA!

What’s in my refrigerator right now: Overnight oatmeals for my breakfasts, Quinoa veggie bowls for my lunches and by dinner whatever salad I can put together from my Trader Joe’s haul that week (red spinach, agave vinaigrette, purple carrots, beets, radishes, bell peppers, everything colorful).

My typical day including meals: Get up usually around 5am, head straight out for a walk with my girls (two lovely Havaneses named Juliette and Benson), grab oatmeal, or eggs and COFFEE, and get ready for my day. Pack my bag with whatever it needs for the day and head out. Right now my day mostly consists of getting Avalon ready for its Grand Opening on February 2! We are unpacking boxes, working with the construction crew and spreading the word about exhale! I spend a lot of time at Avalon and in the surrounding Alpharetta communities meeting new friends and learning about Atlanta. By lunch I run home for the second dog walk and grab my food (which in a perfect world I prepped on Monday!) and head right back out to finish up my day at Avalon. I squeeze in a class anywhere I can and make it to our beautiful midtown location as often as possible. I love Thighs and Glutes with Brianna Norton, and CFX with Tiffany Newell! By dinnertime I try to disconnect a bit from technology and just be for that moment, and then lay my head down generally no later than 9pm. I believe in sleep! I believe it makes me better, faster, smarter and happier!

When I’m not teaching, I take class with: Brianna Norton and Tiffany Newell (as mentioned above), and also Avalon’s own Mind Body Manager Kristin Gilbert! Her Core Fusion Yoga is a spiritual ritual of sweaty movement that I would recommend to anyone!

When I’m not at exhale: I love to organize my living space and grocery shop, I always feel like such an accomplished adult when the house is clean and there is food in it! That is the mark of a real adult, right? I love to sit in the quiet and read (usually something funny, right now Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl), and like any other girl in America I like to hop on social media and see what my friends from Vegas to Stamford, to everywhere in between are doing.

Fun Fact about myself: Vegas is my home (home is where your heart is!) but I spent a lovely childhood in North Carolina! (Very Huck Finn.) I also really love the show Gilmore Girls. I think it’s brilliant. The writing is quick and clever and it’s almost always on in the background while I’m cleaning or falling asleep!

I’ll admit it, my quirk is: I’m early for everything. I loathe tardiness with a passion (also see fun fact about Gilmore Girls…..QUIRK).

At my core, I am: A free spirit with a wild heart. I want to dance; I want to help everyone dance!

Exhale Avalon opens its doors for total body transformation on Tuesday February 2, with a Grand Opening Party on February 11 from 5pm – 8pm. Located on the backside of Avalon, (around the corner from Regal Cinemas), exhale Avalon offers easy access to parking.

exhale Avalon:
5192 Avalon Blvd.
Alpharetta, GA 30009

To reserve your classes at exhale Avalon, click here!

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