Hometown: Austin, TX

What I do at exhale: Mind Body Manager, Core Fusion Teacher at exhale Avalon in Alpharetta

My background: Fitness and fashion

My certifications: Core Fusion

Favorite neighborhood spot: Kona Grill at Avalon (join us Wednesdays at exhale Avalon for “Barre to Bar”! We head to Kona Grill after the 5:45pm and 7pm classes for $5 cocktails!)

My favorite local restaurant is: Bantam & Biddy because they have healthy and organic options.

What’s in my gym bag: One outfit, exhale grippy socks, Wildrose Magnolia lip balm/gloss, deodorant, lavender oil and music.

What song(s) do I have on repeat: Hey Mami- Sylvan Esso and No One Is Lost-Stars

What’s in my refrigerator right now: Vegan loaf, kale/bean soup, blackberries, Stonyfield yogurt, Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, fruits and veggies for juicing

My typical day: Eat breakfast (homemade egg/kale/tomato & chicken sausage), head out to teach a few Core Fusion/Yoga classes; eat lunch, stick around exhale to fulfill my duties as Mind Body Manager, then go home eat a healthy dinner (usually a fish or chicken and a couple of veggies). Cuddle with my sweet cat, Allie and hang with my hubby.

When I’m not teaching, I take class with: anyone at exhale Avalon or Midtown!! We have amazing teachers and classes with the best training, plus I get my best workout and mind body connection here!

When I’m not at exhale: On off days, we go out in Atlanta, eat at a restaurant and maybe hang out with friends. If we stay in, hubby cooks a delicious and healthy meal, we clean up the house/yard, watch TV and we also catch as many concerts of our favorite bands as possible!

Fun Fact about myself: I have grown up around music all of my life, my family members and my husband play music. From being in Austin, TX to Atlanta, I have gone to live shows as long as I can remember. It is another therapy for me. I also love fashion so much and originally moved to Atlanta to pursue modeling. I also used to and still occasionally produce fashion events as well as have a fashion blog and a health blog! Check them out: &

I’ll admit it, my quirk is: I have a lot of bubbling over natural energy but I still like coffee!

At my core, I am: fun, energetic, funny (I think so) and friendly!

Find me online!
Twitter: @bella_core @purehealthgirls
Instagram: @bellamoda @purehealthgirls